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Episode Australian Survivor (2017) - Episode 7 Discussion


I understand Henry's reasoning more (Mark was definitely gunning for him), but the others aren't meant to be playing his game. Keeping Mark around keeps a big target in the game, so I think it would definitely have helped Luke for instance, but he never really seems to have the control his strange confessionals insist, maybe they are just to try and create some suspense in the edit. Most of them seemed to be skating by while this battle of Henry/Jacqui v Mark/Sam went on.
Maybe the other tribe members heard about Mark's association with Tony Abbott and voted him out of the game? But I think most of the tribe members were so behind Henry's mantra of getting rid of that power couple that they really didn't think about their own games.

Although i'm not sure how long you would keep Mark anyway. Because there was always a chance he could have turned his game around, re-built alliances, made his own blindsides, and got to the end of the game. And like Henry, others too may have had the fear of going up against him in the final 2.

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haha...I didn't even register that he wasn't wearing a top underneath the leather jacket. Who does that?
...a 'he man' wearing a Leather jacket without a shirt... what a 'trend-setter'... NOT!... he has teeth like the ivory keys in a grand piano to me... I was going to do a Photoshop of that but he's gone now thank god lol!... cheers.


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I didn't notice the teeth but the way his hair is in that photo makes his head look massive to me.
Thought the same thing and he still looks like my cousin's horrid daughter, lol. He also looks grubby but I am thinking that could be a combo of sunburn and many freckles.