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Episode Australian Survivor (2017) - Episode 3 Discussion


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The second episode wasn't bad, though it started worryingly with the rather stupid 'chicken idol', which apparently most believed existed. Even that by the end had become a funny joke though.

I do find AK and Luke a bit over the top like they are rehashing from the US version talking about creating 'organised chaos' and making 'spy shacks'. It does feel like there's an effort from the producers to get them to talk about game more than the previous season. I'm ok with that but we need to see more of this enormous cast. With the longish episodes and 3 a week (too much I think) there should be more chance for that.

Challenges have been pretty good, though the brick wall thing was a bit pointless the rest of that challenge was ok. The host does very much copy Probst again.

As I suspected there is indeed a showmance and with that Joan was obviously thought not needed by the women in that alliance.

I would have preferred a twist in the 3rd ep tribal because I liked that idea of getting those together, even though AK is still annoying. Has there ever been anyone who used their initials as a name who isn't annoying in these kind of shows? Never thought AK would switch though, and if he was going to you don't say to someone you'll think on something overnight, you need to be more positive. AK is near the bottom of that group he's in still. And him wasting his idol to build trust I don't think will help him, he may as well have hung onto it.