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An international point of view here. Ive watched every Survivor US season since its inception and believe this one ranks right up with the best US ones. A plethora of interesting characters all trying to win this season (apparently casting realized its mistake last year and mateship has gone down the tubes) and as I have not seen any betting odds at this point have absolutely no idea who is going to win. It could be any one of 7 (Im discounting Tara and Peter). International viewers on various message boards also rate this series very highly. I hope the ratings in Oz have been good because it has to stick around for a few years. IMHO Pags is much improved this season as well.

I guess Im a Sarah (Tully?) fan..Im taking it that there is some kind of connection but Im ok with almost anyone winning..pretty likeable group.. .the complete opposite of BBUS19 which, though despite a terrible season populated entirely for the last 8 by pond scum, the finale of that show was a memorable classic right down to the way Julie Chen pulled out the votes.

Also have a poker mate who is almost a double for Locky though just a touch more follicly challenged with fewer tattoos.
I don't really like the comparison with Big Brother as I think it's a totally different kind of game, with a HoH with plenty of power there's always a lot of sucking up. Though I've only seen later seasons from Rachel's win on it's always seemed to me that several of the cast every year are there for showmances or just TV exposure rather than to play much of a game. Complete blindsides rarely happen, unanimous votes are more prevalent. Survivor is different in that gameplay is the main thing, the US version, certainly is this decade at least, has loads of gameplay. This Australian version (with it's many episodes) is more comparable with the previous one last year and the Kiwi one. Of those 3 I think this particular one could be the best of them, but I wouldn't put it up there with the US one at it's best (and most recent years have been pretty good).

The Henry blindside didn't really surprise that many as the only other true alternative put out there by Henry was Peter, and he is zero threat. Even Tara wasn't that unhappy at a big target going.
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Yeah, Im just commenting mostly on the likeability of the final 8 cast members in each rather than comparing strategies of how to play the game. The final 8 in BBUS19 are virtually universally loathed by the general public for many reasons and especially by live feed watchers who saw them 24/7 and know what complete stupid assholes they all were, while the final 8 in Australian Survivor are almost all pretty likeable people..with the possible exception for many of Tara.

It sure doesnt look like there will be a bitter jury either at this point. All of the jury members accepted their ouster with grace, dignity and a laugh.