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Episode Australian Survivor (2017) - Episode 12 Discussion


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Tara is deluding herself if she thinks she's in a good position now. Luke just happened to hate AK more, but Tara is in no way part of the alliance. I predict that the only person Luke has any loyalty to is Jericho, and he will slit everyone else's throats with a huge grin on his face, whenever he decides it.

Oh and judging by the next time trailer, Ziggy is crap at zagame.

I think so too. Tara will most likely be gone soon. I think Luke only has loyalty to Jericho as well.


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AK was my favourite from the start and he was actually becoming more attractive as the weight fell off him and I found him quite charismatic
That's pretty fair, he is no fool and knows what is going on around him, but unfortunately didn't have enough control to secure his place.

OK dunno about the attractive part. Each to their own.


I wouldn't mind if Luke was voted out at some stage, I'd like to see what Jericho can do on his own. My dream team would be Jericho and Tessa, but they've barely crossed paths so far.


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I was thinking last night that in the AK v Tara battle the editors were trying to make us slide with Tara rather than AK.

- They kept going on about how smart AK was even though he was doing normal moves. Nothing fancy. Which kind of raised my eyebrows tbh.

- They showed AK's negative qualities (helpfully narrated by Locky and Tara) but only really showed the good side of Tara (even though we the audience can see her smugness through her actions).

- They gave AK a ridiculous confessional count so that we would be ready for him to go when he did go.


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Been watching but not had much chance to comment on this series but just had to pop in to document my satisfaction of AJ leaving. Nowhere near as good a player as he thought he was.

Hopefully Samatau are next to tribal council as the tribe swap is probably more interesting over there, though voting off Michelle would be a wasted opportunity for those who were outside of AKs alliance.


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Watched about half this episode with the horrible feeling AK was getting railroaded, so I skipped to the end, and sure enough he is gone... and that BITCH that was VOTED OUT weeks ago is still there. I'm so mad I could hurl right in Luke's smirking mouth....

Not sure I can watch anymore of this, I definitely will not finish this episode. Don't give a flying spit about anyone left in the game.


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My pleasure, DS. I hope Mary will be ok.

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My wodkamelon drink is exactly that. I cut up a watermelon, de-seed it, and puree it in the blender, just add ice and vodka. Yummy and very refreshing. Perfect for the heat here. :)

Do you miss living in Australia? Moving back home some day? I love watermelon too.


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I think last night showed why it is so important to lay low during the first few weeks of Australian Survivor. 55 days is a very long time and if you play too hard too early like AK did then you will be gone. But I really don't think AK could play any other way. I don't think playing in a quiet way like a Jarred is something AK would be able to do. And when AK is on a tribe with people like Locky who only likes guys that look like Locky, and Tara who had some visceral distaste towards AK that was personal and stretched far beyond gameplay it is clear that his days would be numbered. Combine that with the twist that saved Tara where she could make sure AK was enemy number one at Asaga, the chaotic nature of Luke, and his alliance not being able to protect him meant that he was gone last night.

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So I've been online ledking reading commits without an account since new season started. Made deal once AK out I'll join up and join in the celebrations.

God he was annoying thought he be one first out

...hi Project90... welcome to the forums my friend... it's always great when new people join in... have fun and enjoy the madness... cheers.