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Episode Australian Survivor (2016) - Week 1 - Episode 1 & 2 Discussion


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No episode means that I can look at the contestants and start, hopefully, to learn their names. Interesting that their are quite a few military/ex military people there. Going to be interesting to see how that aspect plays out in regards to surviving. Didn't work for Des the drongo though.


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Might have to. Didn't think of doing it that way. The only ones I know for sure are Lee and Sue.
There might be one on Ten's website.

You know I am so annoyed at not organising a Survivor Sweepstake on here... I'm gonna start one now - at least no-one gets the indignity of drawing Des or Bianca now I guess... :D


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It doesn't look like the Superman archetype is going to fare very well. The ones I'd put into that category here are Bianca, Conner, Christa, Nick and Evan, so far. Like in Survivor Worlds Apart, they have come in too hot, and can't stop 'strategizing', thus alienating themselves from the blander, athletic people.

Spoilers for many American seasons coming: Des was like Chicken from China, keeping info to himself. Maybe he wanted to do a Richard Hatch - let the kids fail, and then he could save them and show them how lost they are without him and how useful he can be. If so, his execution was terrible. Army people really suck at this game. I guess because the socialisation that gets bastardized into soldiers doesn't translate to Survivor. So many have failed really badly before. He deserved his fate, but Kat will be a liability down the road anyway. Christa's Abi Maria turn over her bag may have saved Kat though. And doomed that girls' alliance. The mainstream big boys and girls should take it away, leaving crazy Christa, un-socially-aware Kat, and the 'construction worker' drama teacher at the side, possible in that order. And that's a good example of over thinking it - I can't let anyone know I am a high school drama teacher, or I'll be too much of a threat - maybe a triple threat like Mr G from Summer Heights High. There was a contestant on BBUS this year, another teacher who lied and said they were a nurse. How is that better? Tony Vlachos is the only one this ever worked out for, and that was despite his lies, not because of them.

Des asked for it, but Kat would have been an okay move, too. And Bianca was scheming and plotting too much, but Peter remains a liability. K and P are there as easy next votes, if Christa doesn't psycho herself out. Although, with El's help, she may be doing that Holly Hoffman/ Kathy Vabrick-O'Brien thing of an early season freak-outs, followed by getting it together. That tends to be an older woman thing, and normally a younger woman freakouter, like J'Tia, just proves a real liability.

Nick (who looks like a Rob from the Amazon) is in the tricky tribe leader position, but sneaky Andrew, who I really want to fail, will probably try to get him out, hopefully overplaying his own hand if people are happy with Nick's leadership.

Evan will play himself out of it - discussing strategy with meatheads isn't going to work. And LaPaglia caught him out lying about the fire... Not a good look, to cricketers, who apparently value mateship and loyalty, or models, who value height and abs.

This is a good looking show. I've seen all of the US seasons multiple times, and this is a stronger debut than Survivor Borneo. It was great, and will probably make the US version more popular in Australia. I just hope all the strategists don't scheme their way out, leaving us with the alpha males and bikini babes. In terms of a winner's edit, Sam and Lee seem like early contenders, with Conner or Nick as dark horses. With the girls, it is harder to say. Flick and Kylie were given some love, and Sue and El came across well in their solitary scenes.


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  • Kat

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editing time expired...so here's the rest (photos last post)
Age: 27
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Saanapu Tribe:
  • Bianca, 36
  • Conner, 22
  • Flick, 23
  • Kylie, 37
  • Peter, 62
  • Brooke, 23
  • Matt, 28
  • Sam, 27
Aganoa Tribe:
  • Kristie, 24
  • Lee, 40
  • Kat, 26
  • Evan, 30
  • Rohan, 27
  • Des, 59
  • El, 33
  • Phoebe, 27
Vavau Tribe:
  • Kate, 28
  • Sue, 59
  • Tegan, 33
  • Craig, 31
  • Nick, 27
  • Barry, 43
  • Jennah-Louise, 27
  • Andrew, 28


I don't think Barry has said a word yet, and I wasn't aware of there being a Tegan or Jenna-Louise there either.


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Thought this was worth a try to cure the post-Olympic blues. Although quite familiar with the show thanks to sites like Reality Blurred I've never really watched the US version, while the UK version only lasted two series and that was back in 2001/2002 - and it never had anywhere near the success of the US version. The US version has never aired in the UK which is quite surprising, especially as the format was created here (actually there is a tedious link to my username in that regard as they were also the people behind The Big Breakfast)

The show looks stunning and is in safe hands with Ten, and although the cast is a bit bloated I'm glad Ten restricted the urge to milk it out over more than two nights a week - I'm guessing it'll run for 10 weeks or so then.

Really can't comment on the cast too much as there are just too many of them and you only really get to see the tribe who loses immunity outside of the challenges. Happy enough with both results - as others have said those who play too hard too early deserve their inevitable fate, and one of the interesting things about Survivor is how the team format encourages you to keep stronger players around rather than eliminate them early.

Will probably check in with next weeks episodes but although it looked stunning there wasn't much going on to hold my attention - definately failed the tablet test.

Is this the first time Australia's replicated the complete production value and vibe of an established American RTV almost identically? They've done well.
Obviously the US have filmed in Samoa a few times and other versions have well so I suspect they have some kind of international base set up there to ensure the quality threshold is met. I don't know if Ten ran full credits but a shame not to acknowledge the people behind the production. More than a shame actually - quite the insult.