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Episode Australian Survivor (2016) - Episode 6 Discussion


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That's right, Neal had that deep one on his knee... Scary shit.

Anyway, three medivacs is three too many in my book. I hate it when that happens.

It was bad enough that Fiegsy quit (Go Fiegsy!) c/- his gastric problems, or whatever that was.


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I was flicking through channels and hit 11 and saw Barry being interview on some show called The Couch earlier and then he was on The Project a minute or so ago, also. He's very articulate and quick-witted in person/off Survivor.
Just saw him on The Project. Shame he couldn't bring that to the show that he prevented someone else appearing on.


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And possibly put a target on his back but might be the only one smart enough to realise that Sam and Connor are two very useful numbers now and it would only take convincing one more original tribe member to vote a certain way to cause a blindside.

The reaction of Aganoa today really backs up my comments last time about how unfair this twist was on them - they won what they thought was a crucial immunity channel and got nothing out of it at all. Yes, they came back in the end but they looked more deflated than ever during the Immunity Challenge - it wasn't enjoyable to watch. I'm really not sure how crucial this tribe swap was at this time either - think they should have waited a couple of weeks and just had one tribe disband into the two others instead. That achieves the same storylines - just with less shock I think.

Did we see anything from Tegan at all this episode - we saw how it screwed Sam over, saved Nick's game and gave Connor a temporary reprieve, but don't think the effect on Tegan was mentioned at all.

P.S. Still a shame not to see Australian networks use their digital channels for spin-off content. I know they do something on Eleven for I'm a Celeb so a half-hour follow up after each Tribal council revealing the votes in full and having an extended interview with the eliminee would be an easy extra 30 minutes of content.
They do have the full reveal of the votes uploaded online on TenPlay.


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Just saw him on The Project. Shame he couldn't bring that to the show that he prevented someone else appearing on.
Cause, you know, they have time to show absolutely everyone's personalities and after having little sleep and little food for two weeks you're going to be your usual self...

... right? :facepalm: