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Episode Australian Survivor (2016) - Episode 22 Discussion


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I don't think Lee intends to use his advantage at all. He's a safe player, not a big move player. I don't dislike him as a person, but he's frigging boring on Survivor, and that's why I'd like to see him blindsided tonight. I think he needs to go before El. Boring as he is, there's a possibility he could win if he makes the final two. I don't think El has any chance, so I'd rather see her there.
Yeah, if the others are smart they should be targeting Lee over El especially given he has that advantage.


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They probably have but maybe it is just not relevant? The editing is so uneven that it's hard to know. I think if it's relevant it will come up early next episode. They tend operate on an information when relevant basis.

Not sure why they showed him getting it if it never comes up?
Well it will have to come up in tonight's or Sunday's episode. And if it doesn't, indeed, why did it even make the edit in the first place? It had the potential to be an actual game changer but it doesn't seem like it will be.


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I'm seeing Lee has a great chance in this game. He has a tight pair that no one bothered to break up, he can win immunity and the jury should love him against anybody else remaining. He has an advantage if he bothers to use it.

I'm not sure how I will feel about the season if Lee wins. Has he ever been in danger or had to play himself out of a bad spot? I don't like much about him but I can see how he might be well liked by others.

At this point, maybe Lee would be the best winner to help the show be popular in Australia? Was his statement that winning the money wasn't the only thing, or whatever he said, shown to Australia to build him up?


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Who is going home next?
I have no idea. I don't even know who is best for people to target other than Lee or El.
But with Lees advantage, I don't see how either goes home..
So maybe Sam or Matt depending on who is a bigger threat to win?
Flick can't win so she shouldn't go next.

Really at sea on this one. Not even sure who the key vote is - Kirstie?


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Lee doesn't want the money. The best twist would be, when he wins, don't give it to him.
Omg what if Lee gives up for El?
I'm so lost here and I'm usually spot on with what people will do or at least what is best for their game at this point.
They are so close to the money now.
But I don't understand the mateship angle, the Sam doing whatever clueless thing he wants angle, the Matt isstarting to play angle, the Flick being confused angle and the Kristie reminding me of Gollum angle.

I think Lee can win if he just doesn't screw up. The rest have a tougher road.

Predictions or advice will be welcome. Going to make a call that bad playes prevail and Flick, the one person who cant win, leaves.
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It's not a spoiler. I think Lee was making a joke.
We have different ideas on what a spoiler is, anything not released by the show, to me, is a spoiler, doesn't matter if it's correct or not. It changes my enjoyment of viewing and speculating on the game.
So I'll leave you to it then.


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A day behind but can I get a refund on this episode please. Felt like I was completely conned into watching not very much - the whole thing should have been the first 15 minutes of the next episode.

Also will be completely unfair if the losers of the challenge get to hunt for a hidden Immunity Idol at this crucial late stage, and although they'd have little reason to fix it when suddenly they're sending the three people who they've flagged as targets throughout the show to Exile Beach after losing a challenge it does somewhat scream fix.


It amazes me that these people somehow don't think that searching for an idol is important. El & Lee are so complacent they believe they don't need it. I don't know what Sam's excuse was, maybe he just didn't think of it.