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I got:

You wear your heart on your sleeve and aren't afraid to stir things up. You lack any kind of filter but that's because you're open and honest with everyone. When someone pisses you off, you tell them to their face. Out of all the girls in the house, you are the one people would not want to get into an argument with because you'll 100 per cent win.


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Love it how you get called a troll just for having a difference of opinion.

Love it even more how the biggest troll on the site likes those posts.


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Forum RHO Melbourne:
Jackie: Inigo
Gina: Affable
Janet: sav
Lydia: Trala
Chyka: Meglos
Andrea: FatPants
Pettifleur: AphroditeFan
Gamble: reepbot
Susie: Lucas
Venus: kxk
Sally: Isee


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Now I am on my laptop I can look at the where that comment came from. It wasn't a dig at Ali - in context I thought Taite lived in Ballarat and you said no he lived in Melbourne. Living in Melbourne, and her shifting there makes more sense as they seemed like a couple who were enjoying going to things like the Melbourne cup etc - a lifestyle that would be more difficult to achieve in Ballarat, or in Adelaide (as someone like myself who has lived in both Adelaide and Melbourne knows). Exactly how is that a dig at Ali?

they are seeking to be a part of the faux celebrity crowd at the moment to be in Melbourne.
Clear dig. You basically called Queen Ali fake which is highly disrespectful. We can go around in circles about your comment but I do not have the time nor energy for it.