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AFL 2020


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I simply have no words for that.
But thanks to you and your brilliant gif taste
I can provide a gif that says a thousand words



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Must say, from my limited exposure(but growing now)
That sydney was a far more entertining series than Melbourne.
Gina a stand out tho for melbs.
They have to relocate her to sydney.


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Newnes is a dud.
Daicos was an acute example of a fluke but given traction cos of his name.
Give it to Cripps I say.


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dunno reep. Off the top of my head.
im a history buff of footy too.
Harmes tap on. 1979?
Long streaming down a wing in a gf.
Brereton after having his stomach and ribs bashed open but taking a mark under serious duress and slotting it.
plenty of examples.
But i favour thought and intention guts and clever and evasive play over fluke kicks.