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AFL 2020


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Trade week.


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LOL @ adelaide. We had the picks covered thru smart draft chess.
Now you welcome a young lad in....with a motivational truth

"Hey Mr number 2. You are the best. Just not as good as JUH.

All that silly club has lost. The marketing opportunities. The dream to fans. Have the guts knowing the dogs were going to get JUH regardless instead of doing an empty power stance.
For those not in the know. This is the famous "power stance" the crows adopted to intimidate richmond.

Yeah. They lost embarassingly. I know football. The walked in cock of the walk but tiges grabbed their ego throat, rattled it, and discarded it.
They lightning rod disaster at the moment..

Welcome JUH.
They say you are the next buddy.
Dont listen. You just play the game you love.
You are a very impressive young man in interview.
Bulldogs fuzz is proud to welcome you into our fold.
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And lol at finishing at the bottom of the ladder and still not getting the number 1 pick.