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2022 Speccy Awards 🏆


Noooo No...
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The lights are about to be turned off in the BB house; possibly for the foreseeable future. So that means it could be your last chance to vote in The Speccy Awards.

Don't leave it up to the Pillow. Click here to submit your votes now!
As always if you run into any problems tag or DM me.

For newbies and oldies alike who may be unaware the Speccy Awards are named in honour of much loved member Speculator who sadly passed away in 2010. The Speccys are Behind Big Brother's version of the Oscars and as such are a celebration of this community and the members who frequent it.

  • Voting is open to lurkers and posters alike. You don't need an account here to use the voting site.
  • You can vote in as many or as few categories as you'd like - but you can only submit your votes once so choose wisely.
  • Voting will be open for a week or so. So remember to check back later to see the winners.
  • Remember only politicians vote for themselves!
  • Member of the Year - Awarded to the Behind Big Brother member whose overall contributions brought the most enjoyment to their fellow members.
  • Thread of the Year - Awarded to the thread which had the biggest impact on the most recent Big Brother season and the Behind Big Brother community.
  • Speculator Memorial Award - Named in honour of the late member Speculator. This award is conferred upon a past member of Behind Big Brother whose contributions are most missed.
  • Award for Best Newcomer - Awarded to the best new member of Behind Big Brother. They may have been a former lurker or a brand new sign up but their arrival sure did make a splash.
  • Award for Most Respected Member - Awarded to a loveable member of Behind Big Brother whose attitude and actions were never unwanted and always appreciated.
  • Award for Most Loyal Supporter - Awarded to a particularly fanatical fan whose loyalty to their chosen housemate went above and beyond through think and thin.
  • Award for Most Fickle Supporter - Awarded to a particularly fair weather fan whose loyalty to any one housemate seemed to last no longer than an episode.
  • Award for Quickest Wit - Awarded to the sharp tongued member whose ingenious quips and comebacks had the community of Behind Big Brother in stitches.
  • Award for Creative Excellence - Awarded to the visionary member of Behind Big Brother whose artistic creations were truly masterful be they hilarious photoshops or iconic GIFs.
  • Award for Insightful Commentary - Awarded to the insightful member whose inputs were at times thought provoking and always well knowledged.
  • Award for Outstanding Trolling - Awarded to the innovative member whose efforts in trolling Behind Big Brother were unrivalled and reviled.
  • Staff Appreciation Award - While a light touch may be used when moderating Behind Big Brother, we still have staff. This award is given to the our favourite member of staff.
we need the most balanced member award. Seriously melore is by far the most balanced in her comments/posts, for me. She’s sees things in every perspective and expresses them so eloquently.
You could throw them a vote for Most Respected!
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Must admit, looking back at all the past winners and runners-up made me smile... a reflection of years gone by. Easy to forget how fun these forums were at times. Nice to be reminded of the titles I was awarded over the years... now I'm just a bitter fag.

Thank you @Consuela for keeping it going for so many seasons.
Really?!!! I've been feeling so wretched lately. Thanks so much!
Honest. You have your favourites, you know the mass opinions in favour of some hms, especially when character traits of certain hms were questioned and being slaughtered on this board, you were not afraid to put your opinion across and you always had a rather balanced view and rather a clearer view I would say. I know it made me think differently to situations as well. You are definitely not wretched. You word things in a dignified way, and you are succinct in using your words (unlike me that needs to go around in circle to explain myself). Even when you have atrocious replies to you, you stay in control of a situation and don’t waiver from your opinion and yet seem polite. Hand on heart, I genuinely enjoy your posts and the way you write them. There can be way too many that group to an opinion but you stand out in defiance and present a differing view that can often be overlooked.