Some of these pilot shows look like a personal vanity project paid for by huge egos, bound to die

Like Roxy ....WTF, why would anyone want to watch this????
Suspect Kyle's show was paid for by Kyle too

Are they going to gogglebox all of the pilots?


queen ali and king tommy little should get their own pilot shows.

tommy little can have like his own chat show. and at the end of the show he can sing the song memory.

not sure about queen ali.


Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster
80 year old flat mate wasn’t too bad.

Obviously set up for a bit of conflict, but seemed quite genuine in the end. I doubt they will last out a year or 6 months or whatever though.
Ditto.......quite enjoyable oldies and I really like the musician
But, compatible types would work better......we don't need the drama of having picked someone stupid
Clearly the old botox lady would love a gay guy into doggies, and there would be a supply

Could imagine SBS doing a more serious version of this.......follow SBS's lead 10, they make great stuff like this but better
Made me wonder how many old rich folk are out there sitting in mansions alone
They should do a version of this but more serious and like the Old people with 4 year olds.......OMG my favourite show besides survivor