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I am starting to loathe many vaccination tv ads at the moment, especially the tv commercial from that car insurance company "AAMI". When I see that actor "Kutut" and "Rhonda" advertising to go and get vaccinated then when "Rhonda" says "Like a sunrise". I sometimes wonder should I put my foot through the television right now?! LOL!

Also they made a vaccination ad where they used the old "Meadow Lea" margarine theme of "You ought to be congratulated". On the vaccination tv ad they reworded it to say "You ought to be vaccinated". Argh! I actually thought it was a new tv ad for "Meadow Lea" margarine until I worked out it was for getting vaccinated. Again I really thought about putting my foot through the television again...LOL!

Here's the old original "Meadow Lea" margarine tv ad, and the new COVID-19 vaccination ad. Something sound similar? lol

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