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  1. Brekkie

    BBUSA Reindeer Games - starts Dec 11

    As discussed in the BB25 thread there will be a short Christmas series featuring ex-HMs. Schedule now confirmed - Mon, Tue and Thu for 2 weeks:
  2. Brekkie

    BBUS - Season 25

    First promo: Also a couple of rumours doing the rounds - firstly it's back up to 99/100 days having been shortened the last couple of seasons. And secondly that it won't till August and then run through to early November due to the strike. Only seems to be one source for that at the...
  3. Brekkie

    CBS sell Studio Center which houses Big Brother

    Good news - CBS have sold their studio lot, including the one that houses Big Brother. Bad news - they're leasing the studio backs. Therefore the slim chance of a new house is probably non-existent - not that I would put it past them to rebuild the existing house in a new studio anyway. Is a...
  4. Brekkie

    BBUSA: All Stars 2 on CBS

    This secret spread more than a deadly virus, but now confirmed that CBS plan to launch Big Brother All Stars on the 5th August. Obviously things may change with the worsening situation in the US and California especially...
  5. Brekkie

    Celebrity Big Brother returns to Aussie TV

    And sooner than you think - in an interesting move Nine are airing the inaugural US version of Celebrity Big Brother on 9Go from the 11th February. It's such big new marquisite has written an article...
  6. Brekkie

    Celebrity BBUSA confirmed for Winter 2018

    BBUSA did something last night it's rarely done in it's 18 year history - surprised viewers with an announcement nobody saw coming. CBS have only gone and commissioned Celebrity Big Brother to air in the Winter, after 19 (+1) regular seasons over nearly 20 years. More here...
  7. Brekkie

    BBUSA: Over the Top - online series on CBS All Access

    CBS have confirmed the rumours of an extra series of Big Brother USA airing following the conclusion of this series, with it being exclusive to it's on-demand platform CBS All Access, which currently hosts the live feeds. Julie Chen will remain as host. Big Brother USA has traditionally been...