Day 23

The scores are now 1 point each for both houses.

12.28pm – Josh, Bradley and Ray are out by the BBQ talking about the two houses.

Bradley: I think it’s cool if there was a second house, but I would not be surprised if there wasn’t
Ray: I was surprised we couldn’t hear anything during the marathon
Josh: I feel like maybe this task is not for just this week, it’s for a couple of weeks to keep us going that there is a second house. I could be completely wrong… but if there’s one thing that I’ve learnt about this game so far, it’s that you can’t believe anything you are told

Benjamin and Michael are whispering on the couch about the footage of House 2 that Big Brother has shown them.

Benjamin: The other house looked very different to us, and they looked more chummy than us… it just looked… fake
Michael: I’m 95% there it’s just the whole… why would they waste their time? Maybe that was two weeks to get to know each other and the favourite housemates from that get to join house one. Maybe that’s like… the second rate ones

Angie joins them and says that she doesn’t understand why they would split the housemates at all.

Benjamin: I don’t think there’s a second house.
Angie: I don’t think so either.
Benjamin: I can feel it.

The three of them continue speculating. Angie thinks that the best social experiment would be for Big Brother to make the housemates think there is a second house, and see what happens with relationships and dynamics within the house (ding ding ding, she’s on it).

Big Brother calls Ray, Bradley and Sarah to the Diary Room. House 1 and House 2 have to bake cakes for each other, to be served as desert at tonight’s dinner party. The three nominees are the only housemates allowed to bake the cake – and it will be judged by Big Brother. The winner will get to see an entire episode of the show from the other house.

The three go out to tell the rest of the housemates their challenge. Angie isn’t impressed: “If they had a full episode for each house it would be like having two TV shows. I’m not buying it, Big Brother. Show me something new.”

Estelle and Benjamin are talking in the bedroom. Benjamin asks Estelle if she would beat herself up if she started having feelings for a different housemate now that Ryan is gone. He says he doesn’t see how Ryan and her lives went together. He thinks that Estelle and Josh would be a good match.

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3.12pm – Ray, Bradley, and Sarah are baking in the kitchen. Sarah suggests they bake a cake in the shape of a house. Most of the others are in the backyard talking about Estelle and how she hasn’t spoken much about Ryan since he left on Sunday. Benjamin says he thinks that Estelle is probably already moving on to her next male interest in the house. Zoe suggests Josh, and Benjamin says that the most amount of chemistry he has seen in the house was when he saw the two of them together on his first night.

Layla: I would lose a lot of respect if she did. Because of how Ryan was with her
Zoe: Would you Josh?
Josh: Nah… Ummm…
Zoe: Too far in?
Benjmain: No, Josh, put it this way. I could see if you thought it was just a bit of fun and it wasn’t anything serious, i can see you saying “yeah, whatever.”
Zoe: But don’t you think Angie would get hurt?
Josh: Yeah, definitely.

Back in the kitchen the three are putting the cake in to baking trays.

Zoe and Estelle are in the garden watching as Josh and Benjamin pretend to surf on the other side.

Zoe: He’s so attractive…
Estelle: You love a bit of Josh don’t ya
Zoe: I love him so much… he’s my eye candy
Estelle: Ryan looked too pretty sometimes..
Zoe: Josh is that rugged hot look
Estelle: I woke up beside Ryan and it’s like, stop looking so good as soon as you wake up
Zoe: Would you ever pick up josh?
Estelle: Nup. It’s funny, because when I first came in to the house, before Ryan was here, and I thought of the people I would most get along with and it was Josh. But he’s been weird with me ever since I hooked up with Ryan.
Zoe: It’s because he thought the same thing. There’s so much chemistry there…
Estelle: That’s what Benjamin said…
Zoe: He just wants a taste of the Stell-meister
Estelle: Angie will kill you if she hears me

Angie comes over and asks what they’re talking about, they say her and Josh. She says that the two of them have a great friendship with some flirty banter tacked on and it’s great. Angie then leaves.

Zoe: We must be talking really loudly… she must have heard
Estelle: She really likes him, you can tell by the way she looks at him

Elsewhere in the garden, Stacey (in an amazing leopard print outfit) and Layla are talking about Sarah. They think she’s been quiet this week since nominations. They don’t know what they can do to make her feel better.

Big Brother announces the 10 minute call for the cake bakers… cue montage… then the ten second call. The cake doesn’t look bad, but it’s not great either.

Ad break.

Big Brother has given the housemates their next house vs. house challenge: a game of chess. They quickly decide that Zoe and Michael will play, even though Angie says she was a chess champion in school. A kid named Kevin, a 10 year old Queensland chess champion in the Diary Room – he’s pretending to be the second house in the game. A giant chess set has been placed in the backyard. Cheesy, brooding techno music plays while the housemates battle House 2 aka Kevin. House 1 loses. Sarah is gravely confused about the rules of chess and Bradley is trying to explain to her on the sidelines.

The scores are House 1 on 1 point, House 2 on 2 points.

The housemates are chatting about the task and Angie repeats that she was the chess champion in primary school. He asks why she didn’t say anything, she says she did and he looks frustrated.

Later, in the lounge room, Michael calls Benjamin over and says that for the next task they all need to come together before they decide, because some housemates aren’t willing to get up and battle when they should.

Michael is in the Diary Room. He says he feels the burden of being labelled a genius in the house, because any of the tasks that are not physically based he’s immediately put forward and feels responsible for winning. “I also feel a bit vulnerable that my perceived strength isn’t coming to fruition.”

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8.27pm – Josh and Angie are talking in the bathroom. Josh thinks he’ll reassess the idea of Big Brother being the easiest thing that you’ll ever do. “You don’t have to get up and go to work but you don’t have your friends… it’s a massive test of mental strength.” Angie says that imagining Big Brother as a fat guy eating donuts and pushing a button gets her through the day. Josh says he’s a restless person and he’s got himself in to a position in his life where is he happy because of diversity in his job and lifestyle. He likes the band lifestyle because he can have his Adelaide life and then be off in another city for a weekend.

Angie: Have you thought about how that is going to work long term?
Josh: Nup.

Later, the housemates are sitting down to their weekly family dinner. This week’s theme is Mexican and Sarah, Bradley and Ray are in ponchos. The first topic is from Estelle: “gossip, is it necessary in the house?” She asks whether people do it to entertain themselves or whether it’s part of their character. Layla says that she was brought up not to gossip and she tries not to at all – Estelle agrees. Sarah thinks they’re all doing a good job at combating gossip.

Big Brother calls the three nominated housemates to the Diary Room to pick up the cake that was baked by House 2. On the way, Bradley says that if the cake is professionally baked he’ll start prescribing to the theory that there is no second house. When they arrive, they’re all upset – the cake is huge and is in perfect form. “There is no second house!” yells Bradley.

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11.31pm – Big Brother announces that the winner of the cake baking competition is House 2. The housemates grab the cake and throw it on the ground. Michael pulls his pants down and sits on it and the rest of the housemates start throwing cake at each other. Bradley runs out and looks visibly distressed that the others are fighting with the cake. Hilarity ensues.

Layla comes to the Diary Room. “I just want to say thank you for picking me, because I have experienced the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my life. It was so wrong but it was so right. I’ve always, always wanted to shove cake in someone’s face. I’ve always wanted to have a food fight and oh my gosh… I feel so happy.”

Next up Michael is in the Diary Room. He says it’s the best thing that’s happened to him since he came in to the house, and the fact that they could destroy the thing that’s been tearing them apart has made them all so happy.

The housemates are cleaning the kitchen, and Bradley’s still not impressed. He asks Michael how he would feel if he knew that the other house had spent three hours baking, only to destroy the cake. He comes to the Diary Room to apologise for the house for their actions and says he doesn’t condone anything that happened. He thinks the way the other housemates acted was disgraceful.

Bradley comes to the kitchen and is talking to Sarah. She asks why he went to the Diary Room and he tells her that he went to talk about what just happened, in a negative way. Sarah thinks that it was funny that they had a food fight and he’s taking it a bit too seriously.

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