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After a slow start Big Brother UK is finally beginning to get back on track – so here is a quick round up of the last couple of weeks…


Firstly, the day after the four new fellas in just as BBBA Radio was drawing to a close, Big Brother set them a task – to learn and perform the YMCA. A coincidence – surely not?

The first full round of nomination then took place – with a slight change of procedure now meaning nominations take place as housemates go about their daily routine – rather than confining them to the sofas for four hours. This means plotting can continue until the very last minute, with HMs being your best friend before you go in the diary room – but nowhere to be seen after you’ve nominated.

After completing their channel swimming task, on Wednesday night Big Brother gathered the housemates and informed them £100,000 was in the diary room. An hour of speculation later and Big Brother called Carole, Jonathan and Seany to the diary room and informed them that not only were they nominated for eviction this week, they were also ineligible to win the Big Brother prize fund. Big Brother then told them someone would win it tonight, and gave them one minute to decide who.

They opted for Liam, who after just five days in the house is £100,000 richer, breaking down in tears upon hearing the news. All of a sudden, Charley declared herself interested in Liam’s affections – and was willing to play dirty to win him over Nicky, who had slowly been falling for him over the week. It didn’t work on Liam though, with Seany going on to provide the highlight of the series by interrupting her seduction attempts by pushing her in the pool.

Despite the gratitude of the British public though, it wasn’t enough to save him and to the shock of the HMs, Seany got evicted. And what an unusual eviction it was – he was unanimously cheered out of the house.


This week then began with another big prize from Big Brother as Charley and Brian were awarded an all expenses paid holiday – in Big Brother’s caravan at the end of the garden. The holiday was cut short though after just 24 hours after Brian wet the bed!

The sleep deprivation task then hit BBUK – 60 hours with just 3 hours sleep. The housemates survived the first 24 hours without losing a minute on the clock – but then just gave up and went to bed – with Big Brother rewarding their lack of effort by confiscating all remaining food and enforcing a diet of slop. Not the birthday treat the twins expected.

Nominations and Billi and Charley votes were nullified after they discussed nominations on Monday – which ironically saved Charley and led to accusations of a fix. Of course it was, but to be fair Billi shouldn’t have been able to nominate anyway as prior to taking delight in telling Charley he nominated her he had instigated many discussions encouraging people to nominate Charley.

The nullification also saved Nicky, meaning Billi, Carole and Tracey face the public vote – with Billi ultimately getting the boot with 55.1% of the vote. I expected it to be much higher myself.

Anyhow, thank god Billi has gone and thank god Big Brother is now in a place where it could survive Charley being evicted next week. In the last week or so other housemates characters and personalities have become more dominant in the show, most notably Brian – who has learnt the shocking news that women really do pooh!

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