Thoughts on Intruders

Ello. Squishy here. About time I got on my damn podium and have a bitch.

This was the intruder show, eh? How much screen time did the intruders get? 5 minutes? maybe 6?

There were two other events circulating this. Hayley’s eviction and Aleshia’s birthday. Hayley knew that her eviction was coming soon after yanking Andrew’s doodle and saying I’ll go, you stay here, so naturally, Andrew being Blandrew, he accepted.

Something about a rumour where she had a sister’s wedding in Spain, but knowing Hayley… who knows what her domination over Andrew’s really wanting to go meant.

Now – BB evicting Hayley during Aleshia’s 21st was downright cruel. Most of the people would be floundering about Andrew and hugging him instead of wishing Aleshia a happy birthday. Being 21 only happens once, and it’s a really big event, you don’t want to see your new friends hugging someone else.
Not only that they decided to make this ‘Intruder special’ the “Hayley show” with at least 20-30 minutes about Hayley’s time in the house, then Gretel thankfully reminding us -not- that Hayley would be walking down the eviction plank properly, in a proper frock, and gaining adoration from the audience.

Like LOL. We don’t need to see any more of Hayley. She already stole the Intruder limelight.

You know when BB decided to put the intruders in? He dressed ’em up as ninjas delivering drinks to the HM’s. Then, two seconds until the show ended, BB revealed them. We didn’t see how they get to interact. No, we’d have to watch Uplate for that.

Yet another boycotting reason for BB to get viewers.

Pathetic. Come on BB, if it’s a damn intruder special, why the hell did you make it the Hayley show?

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