Day 45

10.11am – The boys are having a bit of a swim while the girls, as usual, are inside. Terri is doing her laundry and discussing how she’s been nominated every week – she’d love to have a week off and wonders when her luck will run out. Cath says “ok, you’re put your boobs up against the window, you’ve said so many things that are open, and people probably like that”. Terri says a lot of dirt comes out of her mouth and her dad would slap her if he’d been watching the show. “Terri there’s that line and you’ve long jumped over it”.

Kane is hiding next to Ash’s bed, covered in pillows… for some reason. Paul comes in and moves some of the pillows, getting a small shock. The boys collaborate on a prank, they will cough when Ash is close. The boys get ash to go check her pygamas and Kane jumps out. All the boys have a laugh, but Ash is not impressed.

12.07pm – Paul has been given a letter with this week’s task. They are to do an Olympics task – it’s pretty much identical to previous tasks they’ve done. Once they hear their nominated country anthem they must dress up and stand on the olympics prop. They all decide to bet 100% on it – the olympic spirit.


1.18pm – The housemates are called to the diary room one by one to recieve their tracksuits and hear their national anthem. The housemates discuss whether they are the real uniforms.

Wesley is France
Cath is Greece
Paul is Spain
Trevor is Great Britain
Wes is the USA (quite fitting, don’t you think?)
Ash is Egypt (silent laughter!)

Big Brother asks Ash if she would like to hear it one more time. She doesn’t.

Bree is Australia
Terri is Italy
Ryan is China

Big Brother asks Ryan if he would like to hear it one more time. He does.

2.48pm – Bree is talking to Ash about how the boys are constantly picking on them – it’s turned from funny to humiliating. This week the boys exculsively voted for the girls in nominations. Ash says it’s not fair what is happening because they don’t pick on the boys as much.

Some one’s Anthem starts – it’s Ryan’s… wait.. it’s actually Ashalea’s. There is a lot of confusion as Ryan jumps on the olympics platform. The housemates quickly figure out it’s not Ryans – but who’s is it? Big Brother announces that it was Egypt’s anthem. Paul claims he knew from the begining.

Later, Bree says that Ash should get ready no matter what other people say. Paul says they’re in trouble with Ryan because he doesn’t know his. Cath says she’s a little uneasy about hers too. They remember they bet 100% for the task.


6.06pm – Kane finds the basketball and shoots from the other side of the pool – he makes it in but no one else beleives him because they didn’t see.

Ash is in the bedroom getting upset about her nomination this week. She doesn’t know what she did wrong.

In the kitchen, Ryan says he’d like two kids. Bree says she just wants girls. Paul says you can now choose the sex of your baby and he’d do it. Terri says she thought it was illegal and an unethical debate. Cath says she would much rather have boys – because once girls hit teenage years they get into trouble. Cath says her daughter is a little harder to deal with than her son.

Ash has gone to the diary room – “now that I’m up for nomination I still think what I did wrong, I don’t know if I have, I’m scared to go. Being in here means a lot to me and I’ve had so much fun and I don’t want it to end because I’ve never had so much fun in my life. I’ve noticed since Merlin’s left Ryan has started to say I’m sleeping a lot – I don’t know if he’s doing this to make me look bad. I’m not scared of Ryan but I think maybe he always gets his way because he’s the biggest person in the house”.


8.14pm – Ash asks if all footy players have such big egos. Ryan says that assumption is wrong because there are so many different personalities – they’re all different. Ryan asks Catherine if her son has started noticing girls or wants to have a girlfriend. Cath explains how her son wanted his hair cut because a girl told him it would look better that way.

Ryan recalls a story from year 6 – he remembers a girl Kate who he fell in love with when she was on the swings. He also remembers a story when he had to pass a toothpick around. He asked her to his year 7 graduation and was the first girl he kissed.

Kane remembers a story from year 10 – a girl who had ugly feet which totally turned him off.

Bree says a guy from her high school was massively obsessed with fee.

Later, Ash’s anthem is played… she comes screaming (literally) out of the kitchen, into the bedroom where the housemates are sleeping.. she runs out to the olympic stage, but she may not have made it in time.

No doubt the olympics task is another way to get footage during up late. Big Brother thanks the housemates.

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