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TIM for the WIN

Discussion in 'Housemates Forum' started by Tatai, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Tatai

    Tatai New Member

    Who is in??

    I am a new fan of Big Brother and just recently got through watching the BBUS series but was disgusted with its latest addition. I then did a few google searches for which country has the best Big Brother and stumbled upon Australia. I have to say that I am highly amused and I have fallen in love (not Jade style) with Big Brother Australia. I was dubious at first about Tim but I have to admit that he IS the show. With so few episodes left, I am curious as to how this is gonna play out. I think Tim should win but he has to go back to his old antics. He seems to have lost the plot a little. I don't mind Tahan and i actually find her quite amusing. Drew is gorgeous... but tbh it's hard to listen to what he has to say, his face is just too gorgeous. As for Jade.... She just took women back to the 18th Century. I had no idea that women like that still existed. She is a gorgeous gewel (like Ed would say) ... WTH?? ... How Ed is still in the house is beyond me ... big FUK up Australia.... I kind of like Boog but I think Tim was right in nomming her ... she is taking the spotlight away from him. As for Maddie ... can we get a snap eviction .. like yesterday?? .. I am for TIM as he has put in the most work .. but Tahan or Drew would be okay too.... Jade, Ed, Maddie, and Boog need to ASAP......

    YAY... my first post .... i've been creeping on this site for a while ....:cool:
  2. Matt34

    Matt34 Member

    Welcome and glad you're enjoying Big Brother Australia! :) Not in for Tim winning though sorry, hoping Tahan takes it out.
  3. Saxo

    Saxo New Member

    Welcome and YAY to Tim winning. I've loved him from the moment I saw him do nominations (I came into the series a month in and have since caught up). He's hilarious and so endearing. He's totally made the show for me. I love Drew too (since Tully left, anyway) and Tahan has grown on me.

    And yes, Jade is super cringey. Ed is a prick!
  4. libliblibby

    libliblibby 2nd Justynn Fan

    Correction: Ed is a DEADSET prick. ;)
  5. libliblibby

    libliblibby 2nd Justynn Fan

    I love watching Tim. I'd be happy with either Tim or Tahan winning, I feel they have both worked the hardest for my vote :)
  6. Lanna

    Lanna New Member

    Tim is the only worthy winner left. im going to be honest, i hated him in the beginning but he has grown own me like a bad fungus growth. so .. TIM BETTER WIN OR ELSE ...
  7. Tatai

    Tatai New Member

    LMAO .. that picture is creepy as hell btw. I do hope he takes it home. If Ed wins ... i'm going to be 'preparing' by your side...
  8. Jen129

    Jen129 Member

    Agree with this, Tim or Tahan for me too. I'd rather see the money go to someone who has played the game not just gone in there and won because they're nice but have done nothing to earn it.
  9. kenn

    kenn Well-Known Member

    anyone to win except Tim
  10. Sparrow11

    Sparrow11 Well-Known Member

    Tim has earned the win, but seems like everything is going against him lately, people are so fickle and ungrateful for what a wonderful season he has handed us...Hope he doesn't go home empty handed...Hope when this is over he doesn't just disappear into the mist.
  11. AM_092

    AM_092 MR. DREW

    I'd be happy if he wins. He deserves it.

    But I'd much rather see Tahan win!
  12. Poona

    Poona Well-Known Member

    Of course I'm in. He is the fave now. Majority are with you. It isn't something new.

    For a long time it's either been him or Ben, and now since Ben has gone even though he was meant to make it to the end, Tim is the only one that can win now. I look at others and think, but why should they win over Tim? This series wouldn't have been much without him.

    Oh yeah, and Ed not a bad guy but man he should have left weeks ago. He's had a number of close calls. He nearly left when Caleb did, he was the fave to go instead of Matt, he was a deadset certainty to go instead of Ben, but somehow his cards got him through.
  13. Dablob

    Dablob Member

    I'd rather Tahan win but I wouldn't be foaming at the mouth (unlike last year with Ben) if Tim won. Its sad but it's gotten to the point where I don't really care anymore. This season has panned out WAY too long and its starting to get dull. Hopefully things start to shake up and they end it SOON!
  14. You talkin to me?

    You talkin to me? New Member

    Tatai - you have nailed the motivations, foibles and strategy of BB Oz brilliantly. You are hereby proclaimed an Australian Citizen having passed the requirement to see through BS and call it when you see it. No wonder you like Tim
  15. Meera

    Meera New Member

    Same, have gotten to the point where I don't care who wins anymore.
  16. Christina

    Christina New Member

    Tim is still a huge threat.
    Why is noone nominating him lately??
    Would have thought he would have been the first one they would want to get rid of before the finals.
    Wouldn't want to be up against him from now on.
  17. up_all_night

    up_all_night Well-Known Member

    I'm happy if Tim wins, but I'd rather Tahan win. I'd rather someone who is more real a person. Tim is putting on the Tim show. So that's a bit of a turn off to having him win. I am getting sick of people acting and performing to the cameras to win. Kind of goes against the point of big brother if you ask me. Might as well be Australia's Got Talent.

    ASSASSIN New Member

    Hi Tatai & welcome,

    I agree Tim should win, as you said he is the SHOW. Recently i have been swayed by Tahan's beauty and nearly was hoping for her or Tim to win, but after she has been b*tching about Tim behind his back - i saw her in the OLD light, from the early days when she was a real cow and making fun of people behind their back. I don't think Tahan has changed at all now, she just altered her persona for a few weeks, hiding behind Tim.
    So there is only one clear winner for me now and that is Tim. also agree with you, Tim really needs to get back to the funny, silly Tim. maybe Boog has taken a lot of the spotlight off him and he doesn't know how to handle it. Anyways, go Timmy!
  19. gold

    gold New Member

    You summed it up perfectly Tatai. :)
  20. Alice Houston

    Alice Houston New Member

    I have been Team Tim from the beginning. Love the guy!

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