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Reasons why Tahan got highest votes for last evict

Discussion in 'Australian Big Brother Talk' started by Tanal Lanat, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. Tanal Lanat

    Tanal Lanat Evicted Evicted

    I don't know the blogger, I don't even know who she is. I don't even live in Australia. I visited her blog coincidentally & found this interesting assumption about highest voting percentage for Tahan.

    It's just an opinion about the result, but I wanna post it because it contains many supporting evidence that may contribute to the outcome. You read & evaluate by yourself. No one can force you to trust an article if you find it unreasonably written.

    Link: http://leesalittle.com/2013/10/09/big-brothers-shock-eviction-how-did-this-happen/


    However, the biggest question on everyone’s lips tonight was how Tahan made it so high up on the polls this week with an overwhelming 32.1% votes to save. The reasons for this are a little more complicated, one of which involves Big Brother themselves.

    The blatant characterisation this year has been spoken about in all forms of social media, the general sentiment being disgust. It’s clear that Tim is painted as the villain, Ed as ‘Prince Charming’ and Tahan as the misunderstood underdog. Big Brother has done such an amazing job of convincing people that Tahan is an innocent victim in the house that even Leon Murray (the voice of Big Brother – [MENTION=25867]Leon[/MENTION]jmurray) feels for her as evidenced by his sympathetic tweets to Tahan’s boyfriend (@daffidreynolds).

    Leon Murray: “Lucky man! #ThatIsAll”

    David Reynolds: “when you talk to her next tell her I miss her… Please!”

    Leon Murray: “Wish I could mate, but I have to ‘play fair’… Her resilience is a credit to her. I told her this on Thursday. Doing great.”

    David Reynolds: “I understand, she is doing so awesome :) ) I wish the girls didn’t pick on her so much”

    Leon Murray: “Me too. But remember: folks love an underdog.”

    What Leon fails to realise, is that by commenting such things, he is subconsciously influencing those that reads his tweets. How did he, someone who has watched the house closely, forget all of Tahan’s misdoings? She spent her time bullying the other females in the house, and when the tables were turned (her friends were all evicted), she began to complain that she had no-one left in the house. Had she been something other than a vicious bully while she felt safely surrounded by troops in the earlier weeks, perhaps the remaining housemates would actually like her. Unfortunately for Tahan, women don’t often forget when someone has been bitchy towards and about them, so the feelings of dislike will not ‘just go away’. Similarly, Tahan’s boyfriend is emerging to be equally as vicious and delusional as his girl. After calling Mikkayla a cane-toad, I’m thinking that David and Tahan are a match made in heaven. Though his (attempted damage-control) tweet less than an hour later has to make you laugh considering the countless times that Tahan has mocked Mikkayla’s figure.

    "Cane Toad won showdown"


    Not to forget how he speaks of Katie and Lucy…

    "Who the fxxk is voting for SS"

    Big Brother has done everything to exaggerate Tahan’s ‘weak’ and ‘sweet’ moments. Every housemate cries in the Diary Room, why are we being shown Tahan’s vulnerable side so often? Big Brother also posed the ‘conflict’ with the Sugar Sisters as a two-sided affair, accusing the sisters of giving as good as they got. Too bad the footage didn’t support such claims, they had no choice but to show countless clips of Tahan being nothing but a bully.

    This characterisation on Big Brother’s behalf is only part one of the issue, we have to of-course consider her famous boyfriend, David Reynolds. His reach on Twitter is by far the most influential support of perhaps any other housemate; David is very loud and proud with his support of Tahan, airing his pro-Tahan sentiments to a whopping +9,300 followers. Even going as so far as promoting Tahan at his events, David now proudly sports his new helmet with #SAVETAHAN printed on the side.


    Encouraging his followers to vote for his girlfriend, they proudly send him screenshots of their votes. One fan even recieved (what I consider to be) a quite rude response. After proudly telling David “done!” accompanied with a screenshot of his vote, he responded simply, “once!! : )” Wow, someone has a sense of entitlement, who does that remind you of?


    Finally, we approach the most glaring reason for Tahan’s safety. This would be her boyfriend’s $275,000+ salary. Granted that this number was only as at 2012; given David’s recent and prominent sponsorship, his earnings are surely much higher. Below is a screenshot of David’s 2012 salary, you can view this on the V8 Supercars forum.


    If you’re still having doubts that David’s career has been a huge advantage in keeping Tahan in the house, why not hear it from the man himself? Bragging about his newest sponsorship, David makes sure to include how much of a benefit this is to Tahan.


    All of this is of course not against the rules, but it’s more than an unfair advantage that Tahan has over the others, and this cannot be denied. Ben’s fans simply could not compete with her boyfriend’s support, ultimately sealing his fate. This is the unsettling reality when Big Brother casts a V8 girlfriend, she’s always going to be multiple steps (or votes) ahead. That’s where the blame needs to be issued; not towards Tahan, not even towards her boyfriend, but to the responsible party – Big Brother.

    UPDATE: Well this one’s just too far beyond the fairness of the game. In a recent ‘Twitter Takeover’, Tahan’s boyfriend David Reynolds was handed control of the official V8 Supercars twitter account (@V8Supercars) at such a pertinent time- the afternoon of the eviction.



    Tweeting to over 45,500 followers, David couldn’t help but promote Tahan before he signed off.


    Coinciding with Tahan’s highest votes to save yet, this is a ‘coincidence’ too big to ignore…
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2013
  2. Inigo Montoya

    Inigo Montoya Well-Known Member

    OMG not again....
  3. ichi

    ichi New Member

    Leesa does enjoy spewing the word vomit doesn't she?
  4. kxk


    Is this an add for that shitty blog? And OP is the blogger?

    That blogger is rather dim and attacks this forum, why come back here?

    Against forum rules I think, to advertise whatever your selling isn't it????

    For a good RTV blog go here - realityravings.com
  5. AM_092

    AM_092 MR. DREW

    Because gay boys want to be her.
  6. Peverell

    Peverell New Member

    I read this the other day, flows through very nicely. She's very eloquent in expression. Haters gonna hate
  7. Mrs Butterface

    Mrs Butterface Well-Known Member

    This is beyond a joke now. Seriously [MENTION=1]Tim[/MENTION] can you please consider blocking out links to this crappy ass blog? And maybe even to people starting multiple threads ranting about the same junk over and over again?

    Please use this link if you feel the twisted desire to visit that website http://www.donotlink.com/bGh
  8. greypossum

    greypossum Over 45's Senior Member

    Wow..I never even knew about this blog and all its information contained there in prior to last weeks eviction.
    Without the above knowledge, I still went and voted about 150 times for Tahan and another 50 plus votes for Drew.
    I thought Tahan got such a massive vote partially because I actually voted for her. I knew I wasn't going to be alone either.
    Furthermore, I am going to do the same thing this week.
    Now one more thing I will do is I will watch Bathurst a little closer to see Tahans boyfriend drive now that you have done such a massive job in publicizing him so much.
    I guess I can't thank you enough for drawing my attention to something I previously had no idea of.

    Do you think anyone else has a fan base outside?? I see many people pledging allegiance to a lot of housemates but you really have to ask if they actually get round to picking up the phone and buying a vote or two.

    Maybe when Bathurst and Big Brother are over, Tahan and her boyfriend can join forces once more and see if they can "Catch Kony"
  9. Tanal Lanat

    Tanal Lanat Evicted Evicted

    I'm not the blogger. I just post it because I find her explanation is strongly supported with evidence. The truth is always true.
  10. AM_092

    AM_092 MR. DREW

    Tahan's fans are passionate. And we put the money where our mouth is!
  11. bleachy_dude

    bleachy_dude Well-Known Member

    Potatoes gonna potate! :rolleyes:


    To each his own.

    'Haters gonna hate' is the most stupid online rebuttal. It means precisely nothing.
    You enjoy her posting style. Good on you. Keep enjoying.

    She has threatened legal action against this site and gives as good as she gets. Of course threads about her blog are going to attract some controversy here though, she is no innocent party.
  12. talene

    talene New Member

    if i wanted to read that piece of shit blog i'd go to her website and do it

    *adds OP to ignore list*
  13. libliblibby

    libliblibby 2nd Justynn Fan

    How many of these threads are there now?
  14. zxcvb

    zxcvb New Member

    Hi, Mikkayla's mom.
  15. Peverell

    Peverell New Member

    Yeah it is stupid but most people have stupid reasons around here lately so if you can't beat em join em. You can quote that one too lol.

    Really? Legal action for what exactly??
  16. Elspie

    Elspie New Member

    You need facts, that have been proven with evidence, in order for it to be deemed 'true'. That blog is just someone's opinion, and that blogger has been caught out as someone who doesn't check her facts and goes off what she reads and twists it to seems as her own words. She constantly tries to 'call out' this forum as spreading lies and then she puts that up things like this? Very sad. If you are going to get on your high horse about the 'truth' then you better make sure the ladder is handy to get your ass back down again if this is the route you are going to take with your 'blog'.
  17. bleachy_dude

    bleachy_dude Well-Known Member

    Heaven only knows. She went on to rant about how we were a vile gossip and rumour site whilst her precious little blog was a haven for facts and pleasantries. So she obviously has facts to back up her latest claims.

    Yep this is the crap she was spewing against us. So where are her facts on Ed signaling his family with his cards crap?
  18. Sly

    Sly Bully

    It's probably best this blogger's material isn't posted here. She showed enough last time with invented stories of threats (or so it would seem, considering she had no evidence) that she may not be the most mentally stable. She made Tully look normal last time her crap was posted on here.
  19. Inigo Montoya

    Inigo Montoya Well-Known Member

    I find it weird that 2 separate threads by 2 different poster have posted links to that blog in the same day. Is this one of Ed conspiracy?
  20. molls

    molls Tahan's FanGurl

    Third thread about voting in a row. Tanal Lanat you need to take a break, get some sleep.

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