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I made this thread for Tim Cahill's unbelievable goal shot from just outside the centre.
For his new team melbourne city...he is so awesome.
We often have weird or amazing sporting stuff fits nowhere, and here is a place for astounding good stuff, and astounding bad stuff,

Timmy is this week's good stuff, Nick the tennis freak is our bad stuff, throwing games as well as tantrums, the guy has a mental illness get help.



Aussies set WORLD RECORD HOOP, out of this world shot of a dam wall in Switzerland.

It took the group, consisting of Brett Stanford, Derek Herron and Scott Gaunson, three attempts to make the shot.

They launched the ball from a height of 180m on the top of Mauvoisin Dam into a net on the ground below.

“It was a surreal moment nailing it on the third shot," Herron, from Perth, told Guinness World Records.

"I watched the ball head towards the rim and saw the net move but still had my doubts that it went in until I saw Scott going crazy."

The three men make up a group called How Ridiculous, and perform tricks and sporting antics to share on social media.

They filmed their world record attempt from different angles, showing off the beautiful landscapes of the Swiss Mountains.



Wow, cyclists suck...AGAIN

A HUNGARIAN designer of a secret bicycle motor says he thinks pro cyclists have used them to cheat since 1998 and US cycling legend Greg LeMond says he can’t trust Tour de France results.

Varjas designed a motor to fit inside a bike frame in 1998 and an anonymous buyer paid him $2 million for it and a deal not to work on such motors, speak of them or sell them for 10 years.

He said he thinks the motor was used to cheat in cycling races, but Varjas claims it’s not his fault, saying even if he knew for certain it would be used for cheating, “If the money is big, why not?”



These beautiful legends

Serena Williams has won the Australian Open to claim a record 23rd grand slam title. No other person has won more grand slams in the Open era.

She beat her sister Venus 6-4, 6-4. The match was tense, unbearably tense. It was a wide return from Venus that sealed the match for Serena. After that moment, the sisters immediately embraced. They hugged for ten seconds.

No doubt Serena is going down as one of the best athletes in sporting history -- man or woman.

This is the seventh Australian Open win for Serena. It was her sixth grand slam win without dropping a single set.

Affirming themselves the greatest sibling rivals in tennis history, it was the ninth time they had met in a grand slam tournament. Now, the sisters together have won 30 grand slam titles. 30!

Both Serena, 35, and Venus, 36, are world class athletes, achieving amazing feats for tennis and women in sport. This match was a testament to this legacy.


Their first rival professional match was in 1998 at the Australian Open. Venus beat Serena. Nineteen years later, as it's happened more times than not, the little sister has come out on top.


Babies 20 years ago!

Such stunning amazing women


Best sportsperson, not just best woman




Islamic sheikh: 'In their eyes the attackers are martyrs'
An Islamic imam has suggested the Saudi Arabian team refused to take part in a minute's silence for the London terror victims because they believe 'it is not a sin for a Muslim to kill a non-believer'.

Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi says it is a 'lie' to say the Muslim culture does not remember the dead with a moment of silence, and instead argues the football team did not partake in the mourning because they stand with the jihadist men.

'They did not stop for a moment of silence because according to Wahhabi Islam - which governs Saudi Arabia - it is not wrong or a sin for a Muslim to kill a non-Muslim,' he told Daily Mail Austra

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Did anyone else see CHILDREN OF THE WIND ? Last night NITV, and available on SBS site.
Astonishing, blew me away - pun intended

Honestly, it is a rare beautiful gem, do not miss this. Gorgeous, poor kids - change the world of windsurfing forever.
Lived in WA windsurfers paradise for a bit - nobody can do what these stunning kids can do.

Like any really worthwhile sport tale, this is magical, what happens to the kids as they grow is something to make your soul happy.
I stumbled on this, and wow, stunned (funny cause the TV guide said it was about Arab horses!?! So wrong and so glad I took a peek)

Children of the Wind tells the story of the Bonaire windsurfers, a group of native kids, who under the remarkable mentorship of Elvis Martinus, founder of the Bonaire Aquaspeed windsurfing club, overcame insuperable odds to not only dominate an inherently elitist sport but to revolutionize it.


The film focuses on brothers Tonky and Taty Frans and their cousin Kiri who come from a poor fishing family and began windsurfing before the age of ten, using whatever broken or discarded equipment they could scrounge, and who are now, twenty years later, global superstars.

Tonky, Taty and Kiri burst onto the international scene in 2001 when, along with thirty or so other Bonaire sailors, they attended windsurfing’s North American Championship in Florida. Given the island’s economic status, just getting to Florida was an achievement in itself. Once there, they caused a sensation, taking home twenty trophies between them. Given that Bonaire has a population of under 15,000 and had, at the time, no way to fund formal training facilities, provide equipment or pay for travel to events, this accomplishment was simply astonishing.

The Frans brothers and Kiri are now among the top five freestyle windsurfers in the world and have become local heroes
on their island. More remarkable: Bonaire continues to produce young champions at every age category of the ProKids World Championship, which started on the island. Set against the backdrop of the 2011 Freestyle Windsurfing World Cup on Bonaire, ‘Children of the Wind’ is an exciting tale of kids who refused to be defined by the limits of their circumstance, and consequently transformed a sport.


Richmond snaps 37-year premiership drought by defeating Adelaide in AFL Grand Final

RICHMOND has completed the greatest 12-month turnaround in AFL history. After falling to 13th on the ladder in 2016, the Tigers have secured their first premiership in 37 years as they put the Crows to the sword on grand final day.

“You just wouldn’t have thought this was possible in the position they were in last year,” Seven commentator Brian Taylor said. “This really is a fairytale.”

My BFF is delirious right now, staggering out of the MCG, so happy for her, I do not follow footy - but my 2 BFF are footy nuts.
Now we need a Demons win for my other BFF.

MCG also kicked arse with entertainment, Dami for the anthem, and yummy Brandon, KILLERS killed....

".................nailed it with the Aussie audience by covering Midnight Oil’s Forgotten Years. "



Go Vikings in the World Cup.....

Messi humbled by Iceland: Star is latest victim after penalty miss as World Cup's smallest nation frustrate mighty Argentina

Viking Thunderclap mesmerises Moscow: Dedicated Iceland supporters perform signature ritual against Argentina as a TENTH of the island's 330,000 population travel to Russia
  • Nordic island has global support from its fairytale run to the 2016 European Championship quarterfinals
  • Iceland's coach Heimir Hallgrimsson worked as a part-time dentist until taking over full time for Euro 2016
  • Other players with day jobs include goalkeeper Hannes Thor Halldorsson who plans to return to film directing
  • 4D4D428100000578-5848471-image-a-14_1529175114921.jpg


Iceland's coach Heimir Hallgrimsson told reporters before the match: 'I am still a dentist and I will never stop being a dentist'

He also knows the Nordic island of 330,000 people has global support from its fairytale run to the 2016 European Championship quarterfinals.

'It's a pretty little nation and pretty people in general. You can't but love us,' the coach said at a packed news conference at Spartak Stadium.

A reporter from Colombia, which is also at the World Cup, told Hallgrimsson and captain Aron Gunnarsson they had 'many supporters' in his country and across South America.

'People like that such a sparsely populated nation is in the World Cup,' the coach said. 'We feel it, not just from Colombia, but all over the world.'

If peace-loving Iceland really is every neutral's favorite, it might be the only army it needs.

'We haven't attacked anyone. We haven't been at war with anyone,' Hallgrimsson said, before citing a 1970s fisheries dispute with Britain. 'We have only had the Cod War and nobody got hurt there.'



Aussie v Denmark = 1v1
Now we need to soundly beat Peru, and for France to beat Denmark, and we move up



NBA star Ben Simmons, 21, creates history and becomes the first Australian to win the Rookie of the Year after record-breaking first season in the league
  • NBA star Ben Simmons has won the league's Rookie of the Year award
  • Simmons, 21, becomes the first Australian player to win the coveted award
  • He was rewarded after an outstanding first season with the Philadelphia 76ers




ooo la la.......what a crowd pleaser, he will pack our stadiums

Usain Bolt set for trial in Australia's A-League with Central Coast Mariners
Mariners chief executive insists six-week trial for sprint star is ‘not a stunt or gimmick’