Will there be a Halloween themed show?


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Will there be a Halloween themed show? Remember when in 2012 the ghost entered the bedroom and there where voices in the kitchen. Who could forget about the banging in the glass in the bedroom at night. What do you think?

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Hope NOT.

But considering there's no BB on Friday then no, probably not.


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I'm surprised bb has had no Birthdays celebrated in the house this year...
Got rid of Jason so he could cancel that party as well.

I'd actually love to see a halloween themed party with cat dressed up as the skanky nurse and lawson as the skanky magician

...oh wait no dress ups needed for those two.


I need to return some video tapes.
Any excuse to get them all plastered and cracking on to each other. Bring on the grog BB!


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Halloween is huge here. It's a really fun holiday for every one and all ages.

I thought the scary bit with the lights was earlier in the season when they were telling ghost stories.

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American hoopla bullshit that Australia took on board only recently...unfortunately.
Why is it unfortunate though? Kids dressing up and getting candy is a bad thing?

I've lived here for a bit under 1/3 of my life and I'm old as f. Hallowe'en has been a 'thing' here from since before I got here. It's actually a pretty awesome way to connect with your neighbourhood if you have kids or are one.


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You say "connect", I'd say it's a pretty awesome way for kids who couldn't care less about you 364 days of the year to harrass (and actually threaten) you all night after free treats.

As for BB the HMs won't be in the house on Friday so no Halloween special. We all know from Mondays episodes they're actually only in there two days over the extended weekend.


The Last Supper/Trick or Treat episodes of 2012 and 2013 were mostly pointless because they didn't have any footage to make it worthwhile. Last year, the only decent reveal was that Ed had nominated Jade on Day 51 - after the big deal he had made on Day 81 after the face-to-face nominations when Drew and Tim had nominated her. Even the housemates were saying live on air that "it wasn't even bad"... :/

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I agree with @natalia
There have not been any birthday celebrations this year.
Is it just a coincidence that no one has one in these months or is it on purpose no one celebrates a birthday?
And if BB doesn't want to participate in Halloween he can always just scare them for the fun of it.
I've said it before and I'll say it again. BB14 needs more fun.