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When does the new one start?

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Does anyone know how long the season will be? I know they filmed longer this time around. Does that mean the season will be longer on TV?
Nope, we hoped it wouldn’t be but they’ve now confirmed it’s still an eviction per episode, which means it will be very similar, if not the same, as last year.

So basically they filmed for longer, therefore have more footage (if they even filmed 24/7 - which we know they don’t), but are cutting even more footage from the final edits than they did last year. Sums up Seven’s logic for “Big Brother” in a nutshell.


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I don't think they filmed a huge amount longer - once you take any pre-quarantine requirements into account the requirement to be available for 2-3 months of filming pretty much matched the first series, which saw filming cut short slightly towards the end.

I really think they'll be an arrogance in production to believe absolutely nothing needed fixing so they'll go ahead as they did last year. The irony is that if they listened to viewers and split the nomination and eviction across two episodes, possibly adding a Veto challenge, they'd actually end up with around 50% more episodes (somewhere between 32-36 I think as towards the end it might be wise to go to one eviction per episode), with probably only a week or two extra filming.

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^ Veto would have been fun seeing housemates trying to save themselves.

I agree with you that it will basically be a repeat of last year including the White Room challenge replayed as the Ice Room challenge.


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That's really disappointing to hear. I think a veto comp allows way more strategy. And if everything is condensed to one episode, it means we won't get to know the people well like last season. It becomes a bit one dimensional. Girl who likes tea, guy from country town. Funny guy. Clumsy guy. Girl who likes boy. Etc. I honestly don't know if I could handle another season edited like the previous one. I'll watch the first few eps and see.


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At the absolute minimum they need to actually have some time in the house between the challenge and nominations - that is when the real scrambling should be taking place. I'd almost be tempted to only have the "HoH" nominate once there in the eviction room - let strategy be built around knowing how your allies will vote, not agreeing the votes with your allies beforehand.


As soon as I heard in today's promo "There will be an eviction every night" my excitement for the show died
tbh I'm surprised that Seven aren't trying to milk it and stretch the series out for longer by having an eviction every second after it performed so well last year. I guess the cast being labeled as "boring" last year wasn't the reason for the 1-episode cycles after all like what was reported - or this year's housemates turned out to be as equally dull (in which case people in casting should be fired).