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Hi everyone I finally bought a new PC and got around to installing it tonight. For those of you who know about these things I have literally been using the same computer from 2003 up until earlier tonight! The computer was 18 years old and I could no longer install any new software on that system. I was also using windows XP from back then up until earlier tonight! One operating system for 18 years! LOL! Well I guess it's the old if it ain't broke don't fix!

Anyway the last few years or so it was getting harder to view many websites properly and I was trying to use any programs that would still run on windows XP and let me use the internet. So believe me when I say I had no choice but to finally upgrade as my old system was just too slow and pretty much useless on many sites on the modern internet. Just to give you an example it would take a few minutes to load the page of my online transactions in online banking! Yes it was like go and make a cuppa and get back and view your list of transactions! Then don't even start on the slow as heck web browsing and sites that never looked like they were meant to look like! Like just tonight I never knew youtube videos gave you previews in the browser. Also these forums now all work properly and light up like a christmas tree!

This new system came with windows 10 installed so it's a bit of a jump from the old windows XP! LOL! Also another thing with this new PC is it's so damn quiet! It's like it's not even turned on! With these new technology silent SSD hard drives etc. My old PC sounded like you were sitting next to a locomotive train running all the time! LOL!

Cheers and all the best! :D