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What music or songs are you listening to?


Canadian Royality
Always puzzles me when people claim Gaga is the “new” Madonna? Or Gaga is so much better than Madonna? Why is it so important to them? Why are they always putting them in competition?

@MADONNA came first. There’s no doubt she did it before all of them. She has had a unique massively long career constantly reinventing herself. Gaga’s career doesn’t even come close.

Some personal thoughts off the top of my head I have noticed through listening to Gaga’s discography the “influence” or “stealing” from Madonna:
Express Yourself->Born This Way
Vogue middle eight->Dance In The Dark middle eight
Like A Prayer->Born This Way album theme
Music->Joanne (Cowboy theme)
Evita->A Star Is Born

@MADONNA will always be the one for me ❤️. Don’t dismiss who came first.
Did you listen to any of the tracks I posted? It might help put things in to context for you.