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What are you drinking right now? Post a pic.


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6 am my time, boring cuppa
but I include this video so you may laugh at us Yanks
The Edward from Starbucks


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Admirable. But my gif includes inhaling a whole botttle. You have defintely more style tho.
um...shan't include a picture
look to urban dictionary if one dares
the expression is um
boofing...if you really want your alcohol to reach your bloodstream fast
(I have to add...while somewhat humerous, idiotic fraternites (and current supreme court justices have indulged in said behaviour)
ok...trying to decide, sice I'm awake, do I stay awaken(& off lappy since i'm unable to typewell)


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I was in China & although I don't drink beer I like to ask for Tsingtao Pijou just for the sound of it
I used to drink Tsingtao in Sydney. I don't think I've seen it here, or maybe I have't paid enough attention. China has a lot of clout in Cambodia so I'm sure I'll find it. But it probably can't compete with the locals brands which are 50c/can (and with "free can" and cash prizes under many of the ringpulls).