US 2016 Presidential Election


trump's a schmuck

yuck yuck yuck

nasty, cruel and mean,

he's the evilest president you've ever seen

who doesn't give a fuck?

that's right. it's trump the schmuck.


It appears Melanie has left him, unofficially, she is avoiding him like the plague since his Stormy scandal errupted
Cancelled trip to accompany him to Davos, and criss crossing the country in planes to get away:)



It was the worst hair day of what has been a bad hair life. And it may seem cheap and low to mock Trump’s absurd efforts to conceal his hair loss. But Trump is a man obsessed with image in ways that go beyond the normal human concern with looking presentable. Image is Trump’s moral code. He dismisses his political rivals for being short. He sees his succession of wives as visual testament to his own status. He selects his Cabinet on the basis of their looking the part. He conscripts the military as a prop to bathe himself in an aura of presidential grandeur.

Trump’s absurd hair is of a piece with his lifelong attempt to market himself as a brilliant deal-maker and stable genius. So yes, it is okay to laugh when the ruse is exposed.

“looks like the backside of a dog,” while the other went a bit more exotic, saying, “That looks like ostrich butt. That looks like the behind of an ostrich.” Other comments included: “Um, it’s bad”; “It’s awful”; “It’s that monster from The Goonies.

Clip here, with comments from Kimmel, best bit is hairdressers comments



Top Republican strategist says 'a storm is coming' for Trump as Robert Mueller will almost certainly find something in the president's past 'that is wrong' during his Russia probe
  • Republican strategist Alex Castellanos warned President Trump to get good legal help with Robert Mueller's Russia probe
  • He said it was hard to believe that Mueller wouldn't uncover anything on Trump
  • Castellanos predicted that Mueller would find something in Trump's complicated financial history
  • Trump's attorney John Dowd resigned from his post last month over the president not heeding his advice on an interview with Mueller

Castellanos added that Trump could also face trouble if there was an upset in Congress following November's mid-term elections.

'It's hard to believe then that when Republicans lose the House in 2018, maybe by 40 or 50 seats, that the House is not going to impeach him,' he said.

It comes after two new lawyer hires later revealed they had to turned down the opportunity to be on Trump's legal team for the Russia probe.

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Leigh Sales interviews ex-FBI Director James Comey
April 18th, 2018 By David Knox Make a commentFiled under: Programming,

On 7:30 tomorrow Leigh Sales sits down with former FBI Director James Comey in New York.

No doubt she is currently the envy of just about every journo at ABC (and probably a few other networks) right now.

Comey was sensationally sacked by President Donald Trump last May. His new book and its explosive insider account of the 2016 US election has triggered a furious response from Donald Trump, who has described Comey on Twitter as a “Slimeball” and “the worst FBI director in history”.

Trump’s decision to fire Comey triggered the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller to head the ever-widening probe into allegations of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

In his only Australian interview, Comey will tell Sales about his face to face meetings with President Trump, the Hillary Clinton email scandal, and his knowledge surrounding Russian interference in the 2016 US election.

Thursday April 19th at 7.30pm on ABC.