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TV Ratings shakeup


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  • World-first data to better reflect the way we watch
  • OzTAM VOZ market reporting supplied at 11:35am AEDT daily
  • New Reach and National Audience numbers
  • No more Overnight linear supplied
  • No more city by city breakdowns supplied*
  • No separate Multichannel figures*
  • No separate Subscription TV figures*
Television ratings reporting are being overhauled from Monday by OzTAM in the biggest shake-up in two decades.

The overnights will reflect not just linear TV viewers, but "Metro + regional + BVOD + Rest of Australia market".

So even Oztam go for this "world first" nonsense which nobody cares about, either because it's usually untrue or there is a reason nobody else does it. Metro+Regional isn't a new innovation - most countries report the entire countries ratings. And pretty sure the UK has included BVOD in their overnights for a while now.

Gutting for Big Brother though - if this had come in three months earlier it probably would have had 73m viewers and episodes with a 623% share.
The ads for The 1% call it 'Australia's #1 new show'.
I seriously doubt it, it's unwatchable.
Do they promote Idol as "not as popular as the 1% Show"?

The British version is great - one of my favourite quiz formats but we have Lee Mack who is excellent.
Do they promote Idol as "not as popular as the 1% Show"?

The British version is great - one of my favourite quiz formats but we have Lee Mack who is excellent.
I have no problem with the format, but the guy who hosts ours is just not funny.
Why is broadcast TV based on a viewing threshold of 1-minute and BVOD on 15-seconds for reach results?
1-minute reach is the decades long industry accepted standard for broadcast TV reach.
15-second reach for BVOD represents the unique count of people who have watched at least 15 seconds of the program. This count provides a television reach-like number.
15 seconds also reflects the fact that online broadcast video is premium content which enjoys high viewer engagement rates.

The 15-second BVOD standard reinforces the Australian television industry’s commitment to a measurement metric whereby to ‘count’ the content must be of sufficient duration to capture the consumer’s attention.

This interested me. Back when I did watch free to air I would channel surf during the ads just so I was not watching ads - this means if I lingered more than 60 seconds on any one station during that channel surf that counted as me watching that that program. yeah nah just avoiding the ads is not the same as being engaged in the program and wanting to count as a stat.

Surely a more realistic measure of engagement should be at least 5-10 mins for any platform? What you are wanting to know is do you have an engaged audience not just people who flicked on the channel and then turned it off ( well you probably do want to know that but that is a different metric).

If they truely want to shake things up this is the metric they should be looking at.
Maybe they add up all the 15 second blocks to make a full-show equivalent viewer? i.e. a 60 minute program with 240 people watching just 15 seconds each = one viewer?