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Things That Make You Laugh


I think, therefore I am, I think ...
😮 How bizarre! 😅
Think of the germs and all the fingers that have pressed that doorbell *pukes*


Ha! I watched that episode and thought it was believable. (the electrocuting) Shows what I know! 😄

Oh my god! I loved that mum character. The way she talked was brilliant.
Haha, they were dramatic storylines, but the actors were very hammy. Which is what makes it great.
"I'm not HUNGRY!!!"


Vera is one of my top favourite characters from Prisoner. There were many sides to her and then there's the Vera/Lizzie Birdsworth dynamic! Haha! 😆
Vera is lovely. Well not lovely, but a nice person deep down who wouldn't bash, rape or kill anyone, like Joan Ferguson would.
My favourite anecdote is that when filming the scene where she says "You're a pig Birdsworth!", she said "You're a bird, Pigsworth!", :D


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I have always liked this video. It is a news report on a group of British fans protesting at a local TV station to not cancel Prisoner. But get this they are protesting to keep the reruns on air. The series ended years earlier. I wonder if this protest worked or not. I don't think it did.
My favourite lady is at 0:48 "Bea, Lizzie, Doreen and now Rita, they're my mates... what am I going to do without them?"
Hehe! I can relate. Characters on TV can feel like your friends sometimes. 🙂