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Things That Make You Laugh

Battle for the others....

Top 10​

1. Pūteketeke Australasian crested grebe: 290,374 votes
2. North Island brown kiwi: 12,904 votes
3. Kea: 12,060 votes
4. Kākāpō: 10,889 votes
5. Pīwakawaka Fantail: 7,857 votes
6. Tawaki piki toka Eastern rockhopper penguin: 6,763 votes
7. Karure | Kakaruia Black robin: 6,753 votes
8. Huia: 6,467 votes
9. Tūī: 6,457 votes
10. Takahē: 6,292 votes
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I miss this show and all its trashiness that I had absolutely no business watching in my impressionable tween/teenage years. Amazon Prime tried to reboot it a few years ago but it didn’t even come close…