Things That Make You Laugh


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So I was looking at Street View of Angkor Wat, and this scene made me laugh. Not because the faces haven't been blurred, or the second guy's munged face, but the kid's delight, waving at the Google camera, and the staff member who appears unamused and looks like he's about to ask to see their ticket.


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Kate McKinnon breaking character on SNL (she's leaving after over 10 years) always makes me laugh like crazy. She's hysterical in character too especially w/the guest stars. She'll be missed!
and in closing here she is as Hillary Clinton after Drumpf was elected


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Ok this is something that I saw today while paying for some things at the chemist. I looked down on the table and they were advertising some form of new payment system. Ok now it's the name that got to me and seriously I am sure anyone else like me would be thinking the same thing as soon as they read what it's called. This is no joke it's a real payment system and i'll post a link to the site so when you see it for the first time I hope you get the same reaction as I did today at the chemist! Cheers! ;)

Click Here For Payment System Website