There's a Snake In The House?

Inigo Montoya

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That snake is such a better guest than Tim, Ben or anyone else that Nine will decided to throw in in the future.... I wish BB would release it into the house....


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Yes there is a snake in the House, I believe its name is Cat.
This snake has a thing for young boys with girlfriends.
It slithers it's way into younger boys lives and spits its venom in their mouths making them completely delusional so they go and ruin their lives and any chance they had of success.

Slimy cat then moves onto its next prey and hiiiiiiiiiisss, they fall to the floor and have a slow and humiliating death



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I read this in Woody's voice.



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Yeah, I noticed that too.

And I'm not sure if it's just Jump In, but last nights episode seemed to have a lot of background music that was meant to 'set the scene'. Definitely felt like some kind of drama with that addition. Big Brother should not have music playing in the background while I'm trying to hear housemates talk.


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Did I miss something? Snake? When? What episode.. (Head goes back in the sand)

Last nights show. Just after Ryan and cat went into that relaxing comfortable room or whatever it was (the one Travis didn't want to be in with marina). After that we watched a snake for a bit, and they didn't let us know how that was relevant to anything.


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That was the serpent that was tempting Travis into gaining romantic knowledge of Marina.