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Then and now - 2014 to 2020


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Just for fun, i have decided to start a thread to see just how much our lives have changed in the six years between the last Big Brother series on Channel 9 and the first Big Brother series on channel 7. To get the ball rolling, answer the following questions:

Age in 2014
Age in 2020

Location in 2014
Location in 2020

Occupation in 2014
Occupation in 2020

I cant wait to see how much the lives of everyone on here has changed between then and now!


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I will go first!

Age in 2014 - 15
Age in 2020 - 21

Location in 2014 - Adelaide, SA
Location in 2020 - Adelaide, SA

Occupation in 2014 - Year ten High School student
Occupation in 2020 - Second year University student

Your turn!


Somehow I Still Believe
Age in 2014- 26

Age in 2020- 32

Location in 2014- Gold Coast Queensland

Location in 2020- Gold Coast Queensland

Occupation in 2014- Unemployed loser

Occupation in 2020- Unemployed loser


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@Tim are you able to delete this thread since i have created a less personal and more BB relevant thread in the other forum?
Age in 2014 - 73
Age in 2020 - 79

Location in 2014 - London, UK
Location in 2020 - Melbourne, Australia

Occupation in 2014 - Retired
Occupation in 2020 - Retired