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The Restaurant Review Thread


I loathe sport on TV...
Been to a great restaurant lately or just have a favourite that you go to again and again? Maybe even one that was absolute crap..? Offer your reviews here!! :)

Be sure to state the restaurant name, suburb and city (since not all of us live in Melbourne or Sydney...or even Brisbane for that matter..)

I'll go first...

Yumi Bento
Joondalup Square (opposite Bunnings)

This is more of a cafe than a restaurant but damm if the food isn't great! It's your standard Japanese Bento/sushi place but it's run and staffed by actual Japanese people and it makes all the difference.

The food is always VERY fresh and you have the usual range of sushi rolls, bento boxes etc for take-aways but its worth sitting down and having an in-house bento meal such as teriyaki chicken or kara-age etc etc.

For example with the teriyaki chicken for $14.50 you get Miso soup, the bento tray - which comes with not only the main teriyaki chicken but also side salad, 2 sushi rolls, vinegared salad, and fried tofu and hard boiled egg in a sticky sweet sauce. The rice isn't just shoved onto the main plate, but come in a little side dish. The whole lot is brought to you covered in a nice Japanese style tray/plate and the stuff is placed nicely and neatly arranged on the plate. It makes all the difference, and the Japanese girls working the counter are beautifully polite... For only $1.00 you can get a hot pot of organic green tea (that would be $3.00 - 4.00 anywhere else)

The place is pretty new and has a nice seating layout. I've been there on a Saturday for lunch when things are pretty busy as Bunnings just opposite is being well... Bunnings on a Saturday... but even then it wasn't crowded. If anything they have too much seating area for what they need but I guess that's just the size of the shop area they leased. One of the best times to go is actually Thursday night when you may well be the only people in the place.... They'll have soft jazz on the music and it's all lit very nicely. Plus because they're not busy the food presentation is even better! You can have a nice meal and a quiet chat with your better half without being hassled by the fat slobs or screaming kids etc.

There's a public play area just outside if you do have kids (suitable for <5 years old) and you can leave them in there and watch from the bento cafe.

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