The Milo yiannopoulos love thread

Inigo Montoya

The New Dread Pirate Roberts.
They banned him from Twitter for writing an honest review of Ghostbusters. Now he is more popular than ever....

If you have not heard of milo I suggest listening to his 2 appearances on the Joe Rogan show or watching him on the Ruben report.
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that is good that he was banned. now he can sit in his room and think about what he has done.

wasn't he banned for taking part in attacking one of actresses Leslie Jones?

i liked the new ghostbusters movie. it was quite funny.


I love this milo:

A chocaletly chocolate powder flavored of goodness. One taste, just one simple bite of a milo and you will be transported. Beyond the stars and the seas. Beyond the moon and the sun. Beyond reason. All logic and time will be lost when you have milo. For milo is a food that will sustai you. Through the bad times and the good. It will keep you warm during those cold winter nights when the snow is coming down outside your well manicured cottage and you are looking at your dog Ruffles and yoou say to your doggie woggie: sorry boy, no walkies for you today sniff snoof arf arf. It will keep you cool during the summer when you are struggling to fix a rusty fan in shirt soaking weather with flies buzzing all around you like some kind of fly show. A milo will slways be there for you, a milo will always care about you because it is only concerned about one thing, just one simple little thing: making you feel happy. That is all it wants. Just that. Nothing too complicated, nothing so head scratchingly baffling that you scream at the gods from up above and the demons from down below in eternal agony and tear inducing torment.

Inigo Montoya

The New Dread Pirate Roberts.
I actually like the women in the glasses more in this video, but this does show how smart milo is. While the feminist women cant stop interrupting EVERYONE Milo sits patiently waiting for his turn to own those regressive libtards.


Inigo Montoya

The New Dread Pirate Roberts.
Actually, my comment was in relation to the irony of reepbot's....considering his own recent ban. ;)
Sorry my bad, I should have realised that Reepbot was trolling this thread... that I made.

Carry on bluefin...actually before you go. What is your opinion on Milo? I mean you are posting in his love thread? Do you also love this great man as I do?


Actually Milo didn't sit in a corner and twiddle his thumbs, he has become a martyr to all sane people who are sick of being censored because what they are saying does not fit into the lefts narrative.
Yeah just like we all have to censor ourselves around you so we don't hurt ingy's poor wittle feelings. :rolleyes:

Milo represents hatred and bigotry.

My god I can't believe I used to compare you with my mother. :vomit:


This being a love thread, all I can say is I love this guy like a piece of shit.
Or like a one eyed drunk hobo drinking cat piss under a rat infested bridge.

or like a piece of cake that has fruit in it when you specifically asked if there was no fruit in it and they said yes but then you found out they were wrong but you don't want to say anything because manners.


yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy inigo is here to spread joy throughout the kingdom

not that i am believing what she is saying now of course

i just have faith that she doesnt believe what she is saying

or maybe it is false hope

i mean i feel like i would feel if i found a youtube video of tina arena making fun of people with autism


but maybe it is just a phase

oh my god i am so confused