The Masked Singer Australia 2022


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I can’t keep up with the masked singer. The Block takes priority for me. I wish I had watched tonight tho. Tori was on one of the first seasons of the US Masked Singers. I wonder if I would have picked her.

The fact that I’m not watching, I’m glad it wasn’t my gal Katy 😍


Tori Spelling has done The Masked Singer before, so it was a bit disingenuous saying she didn't know she could do this etc.
She did an ok job though, and Mel B has egg on her face for being so sure it was 'Bunton'.


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I think it's scraping the bottom of the barrel having Tori Spelling on it.


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I did post a "remodelled lyrics" version of this exact menulog ad featuring Katy Perry a while ago in a "Remodelled Lyrics" thread but II'm don't think anyone else here apart from @BBpenguin88 has ever even looked in that thread...? LOL!

Well if anyone is interested and hopefully gets a laugh here is my version of the lyrics to go with this ad in the link below. Cheers! :D

I'm glad that I found it, it's a treasure!


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Hugh Sheridan. I don't know anything about him, but interesting listening to what he had to say.


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Hughsey got it right with help from his family. 😏

Melody Thornton = Mirrorball. 😃

Such a beautiful voice and congratulations 🎊. 🥳👏