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The day after thoughts.

Did YOU enjoy the 2020 season of Big Brother Australia?

  • Yes, This BB was amazing!

    Votes: 13 18.6%
  • No, This BB was awful!

    Votes: 22 31.4%
  • Maybe, This BB was mixed!

    Votes: 35 50.0%

  • Total voters


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I know this is sort of off topic, but I reckon farmer wants a wife is gonna flop for 7 big time
I reckon it will do well - but fuck me was it boring, or what? I also found the choice of 'music' really hard to handle, and kept waiting in vain to hear the gruesome 'I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready...' that they pumped out in all the promos pre-airing.


I reckon it will do well - but fuck me was it boring, or what? I also found the choice of 'music' really hard to handle, and kept waiting in vain to hear the gruesome 'I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready...' that they pumped out in all the promos pre-airing.
It really is so boring. I get that it is a 'feelgood' take on the whole dating thing, but without any bitching or humour it's basically hillbilly Perfect Match.
The most scandalous it got was when one of the farmers said one of the girls he chose wasn't his usual type. Cue her rejected reaction, even though she made his top four.
I pretty much have to watch this as it's one of my mum's favourite shows.


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Yeah i watched that show last night. It seems most of these reality shows are about who dosen't make the next stage, or who gets evicted etc, the public seem to get a thrill about contestants being rejected on TV . Take last night for example, 4 women got picked ton the next stage, game over for the remaining women that were pretty much embarrassed standing there because they were not picked, with some in tears. However at the end of the day, if you choose to go on these shows, you need to be prepared to be rejected. It's a shame there cant be a reality type TV show where all contestants last the distance then do a elimination process on the final week.

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I reckon it will do well - but fuck me was it boring, or what? I also found the choice of 'music' really hard to handle, and kept waiting in vain to hear the gruesome 'I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready...' that they pumped out in all the promos pre-airing.
I'd much rather watch Bachelor in Paradise tbh.. Some of those quirky dudes have been entertaining in their respective series. Will avoid The Bachelor with Locky from Survivor at all costs ,however. Not a fan!

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...because it is when they get bored that conflicts arise. In this current format, there are no real conflicts. I would also like to see less luxury rations and freebies. The HMs know the rules - "Do the crime, do the time" should be applied.
I so much agree with this, I think you have pretty much just described a major failure point of the season.

While, there was some conflict in the early days, the housemates were pretty quick to vote out the conflict. A public vote has an advantage in that it can keep some good conflict in the house, but this is now a thing of the past until Channel 7 can do a live show again. Thus all potential for letting some natural conflict stir is almost gone if the producers are trying to create fun content and doing whatever they can to contrive some bullshit.

It's simply way too easy an experience to be a housemate now, and this last season was basically a holiday. Sophie calling the "White Room" hell (while it may be a kind of hell stuck with Kieran), is pretty funny when you think about it.


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Hi All

Long time lurker and first time poster.

I’ve been a Big Brother tragic since 2001 (if you’ve been watching from the very beginning you’d recognise the username reference!) Yes it’s true that Howard Parker confiscated my “Carmel Hill is a thexy thycologist” sign during Bree’s false eviction in 2004.

Anyway, I have to admit I only saw half the 2008 series (It was depressing seeing the show fall so quickly from its graces) and the 2012/13 series were more than average too (terrible casting with Instagram wannabes). Ben was the worst Big Brother winner in history.

Here are my thoughts on the rebooted Channel 7 series.

What I liked:
  • The House – it had the Big Brother glam, the huge TV screen worked, the lighting, the pool, the oversized diary room chair, etc. It had everything we wanted. We just missed seeing the run-through in the opening show (I think we all loved Gretel racing through yelling at the cameraman to keep up!)
  • The format. I’ll get shut down for this but having contestants in the house for 3 months standing in the kitchen making toast and talking dribble doesn’t make for riverting TV. The 2 cancelled attempts at Big Brother attest to this. I do agree the public want to get to know the contestants more and every housemate deserved to have their bio played in their first episode. I would cut the number of housemates down to 14 or 16 and make evicted housemates go into a second part of the house where one or two go back in as intruders. 20 housemates was far too many.
  • I’m happy with the eviction every night but also like non-elimination nights or fake evictions to keep everyone on their toes.
  • The casting. I think this was the best cast in a long time. There was greater diversity in terms of ages, ethnicity, PoC than before. Having less StarNow wannabe's and more 'real people' like Ian made it.
  • The Big Brother voice. He's no Peter Abbott but he had a cheeky mysterious, slightly robotic voice and it worked well. Did we ever find out who it was? Michael Pope?

What I didn’t like:

  • Lack of theme song. I understand why it was cut. Even Home and Away doesn’t have opening credits, but I would use snippets of the theme instead of the loud dramatic headland shots. Maybe they didn’t want to pay 001 Productions who produced the theme any more money?
  • Sonia’s questioning towards the end of the series seemed very repetitive and lame. I understand she was trying to bring out strong reactions but it would have been more beneficial to play snippets of what housemates said during the day to stir the pot.
  • The house looking too much like a studio set (living room roof full of cameras), visible cameras outside.
  • Too much airtime for Kieran, Angela, Dan. I understand they were offering more in terms of storylines and drama but I’d rather them acknowledge quieter housemates in camera shots rather than the public wonder than completely ignore them.
  • The lack of information regarding how to vote for the finale was weird. It would have been great to see an updated percentage graph at the beginning and end of the final too.
  • Lack of Mike Goldman’s involvement (if Gretel was Queen of BB, surely there is a greater role for the King of BB in 2021).
  • Agreed with comments that there were too many messages from the outside world (I like subliminal messaging like bringing a housemates dog back in or a sentimental item but we saw too much family and loved ones).

If I was producer for 2021:

  • I would add some elements from The Circle (Netflix/Channel Four UK) format whereby there would vote in front of others towards the end, allow evicted housemates the return and select a Head of the House.
  • Bring a higher budget for the challenges. The public got sick of balancing challenges with balls midway through the series. Turn the basement into ‘The floor’s got lava’ or some other tactical (not necessarily physical) challenges with some cool effects.
  • Continue to pre-record (but not months in advance) since this format can and does work but have a live studio audience (what they had for the eviction would work) in real time with interviews with evicted housemates or anyone about to enter. This can replace Eye Spy.
  • Have an eviction on the first night – shake things up from Day 1.
  • Have Big Brother speak in the finale!
For now, that is all.


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What happened to the thread I created to appreciate Xavier and his foreskin? 😢
O noes! I think it's gone bye byes, Even the one about David's foreskin status only got locked but still exists. Although it was pretty tame by comparison.


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Excellent call forum staff.

My year 6 teacher once told me two things that will stick with me to this very day; jokes are only funny if they are seen as funny from both sides, it is all well and good to have some fun in life but the minute things look like they are going too far then that is where the line in the sand shall be drawn.


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It got the chop. ;)

(Seriously it had to go as people were starting to make accusations of paedophilia which although had no basis could have caused legal issues and it became too messy just to remove the posts concerned)
Where and why were there accusations of paedophilia?


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Where and why were there accusations of paedophilia?
They were there in the last few posts - that is why it was closed as it got derailed and sometimes the nuclear option is the only way to bring it to an end. Therefore the matter is not up for further discussion. I'm sure if you want to discover the answer to your question in time OnlyFans will provide the answer. :D