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THE COUCH - TV Chat Thread

Who remembers this show? Butterflies. Great show.

The subject, the day-to-day life of the comfortable middle-class Parkinson family, is treated in a bittersweet style. There are traditional comedy themes (such as Ria's terrible cooking, and various family squabbles) as well as other more serious themes such as Ria's unconsummated relationship with the outwardly-successful Leonard. Ria is still in love with her husband, Ben, and has raised two teenage sons, yet finds herself unhappy and dissatisfied with her life and in need of something more. Throughout the series, Ria searches for that "something more", and finds some solace in her unconventional friendship with Leonard. In a 2002 interview, Carla Lane explained, "I wanted to write a comedy about a woman seriously contemplating adultery."

One of the sons from the show now stars in the new version of Frasier. And also, interestingly, the singer of the theme song, Clare Tolly, sang the wailing vocals on The Great Gig in the Sky on Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. Which is quite a contrast.

So I hear you asking "if Timmy didn't watch all those shows the networks are cancelling, what exactly is he watching"?

Over the last year or more I've been watching some shows I'd completely missed, such as The Walking Dead and all its subsequent spin-offs. I've watched the main show twice now. The only spin-off I really hated was Fear The Walking Dead, because the characters were really unlikable. And I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before but I was rooting for the zombies.

Also got into The Last Of Us, with its pseudo zombies. Really looking forward to more of that with the seven part second season airing in 2025, followed later by a third and probable fourth season, all covering the second part of the game (which I've not played). Only seven eps in S2 but the producers say they've made each episode a self contained blockbuster.

It's funny because previously I would never have considered watching anything zombie related, because I'd associate it with awful schlock horror Z-grade movies (think "BRAINS! BRAAAAAAIIIIINS!")

Recently caught NZ drama After the Party which was very good and I recommend.

Watched Star Trek Discovery's final season. A lot of people hated it but it was ok viewing. Love me some Star Trek.

Still watch Gogglebox when it's on, Selling Houses Australia and Restoration Australia. Then there's Alone Australia along with its US cousin, some great viewing there. US S11 starts on Thursday/Friday in the US and will surely be available on the high seas, while SBS airs the previous season. Then how about some Air Crash Investigation when in season?

Also rewatched Nurse Jackie recently. It's kinda depressing.

So as you can tell I'm pretty much over reality TV. Alone is ok because you can't make fake drama by yourself. There's no-one to have bullshit arguments with or throw drinks at. And thank dog for that.

What are you watching? What do you recommend?