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The Bachelorette 2019


Dr Chris is so far out of her league that even the suggestion is actually laughable.
Yeah, ordinary people know that, but Angie is now a RTV 'star' don't you know:)

Her head is so inflatted now, she probably really thinks she is his ideal


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I like her - putting it out there. I seem like the only one here that does
<ducking for cover>
I don't mind her. I preferred he on Gogglebox than I'm a Celeb. SoI'll be interested to see how she comes over in this.


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I liked her on Gogglebox and didn’t have a problem with her on I’m a Celeb either.


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They could make it fun if they cast a whole lot of awful men
She claims it is just a smile and a laugh she is looking for, cast funyy fat bastards, smiling assasins
Really ugly, really short, all dim smiling fools would make it watchable........we all know she won't fall for anyone, will pretend to, then off to chase famous dudes.
I bet her ultimate aim is Dr Chris Brown - and he would laugh in her plastic face
They are doing the same as usual it seems kxk.


Used to play AFL, good looking.. Who knows what else types? Won't be watching.

I should be a casting agent on this show because they ruin it every season.
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They are really going hard with the ads for guys to apply for this season with Angie. I wonder why? Hehe.

Prediction: the bottom of the applicant barrel will be scraped utterly clean for this season. There will be headhunted actors and "models" galore. None of which will actually want Angie in any way, shape, or form.