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Apparently they were harnessed in the whole night onto a rope. Amanda said she had a she wee and if they wanted to they could go down the ladder to a proper toilet. She said she had her period that night too.


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I can't believe it's over.
That was really good.
Not probably the order I wanted to see them finish in, but they all did really well.


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The second half of this season dragged and the alliance stuff was stupid but even in spite of how much of a mess this season was it's still my second favorite TAR Australia season? That's more of an indictment of the other seasons (especially 3 and 4) but still.

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Yeah, Nah.

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Wonder if they've given TARAU the budget to charter their own private jet to fly around in like TARUS did when they resumed filming the 33rd season, or if they've just taken the "Nah, lets risk it" approach...

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Interestingly, Beau was apparently not there at the same time of filming the contestants starting the race. There’s another photo on that Insta account (currently on their Stories, not posted) of Beau filming a challenge intro in Morocco, instead.


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a guy I used to sleep with told me he was going to be on the new season of amazing race, looking at that photo I can see him clearly and now know he wasn't lying haha... can't wait to see how he's perceived.


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Sounds like Scott Tweedie will be co-hosting this season, as a result.
Scott Tweedie was massively under-utilised by TEN. He deserves to be in the front line on bigger things on the network. Especially if they want to target a younger audience, his time on Prank Petrol is heavily remembered by their target demographic. And he's cute.