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The Affable Thread


Keep Beaching
Technically he said that we cannot go shopping or exercise outside of the 5km zone. Unsure if that applies to medical.
I think medical would be an exception? If people are sick for non-covid reasons but don't get help when they need to that could be dangerous.


Well-Known Member
Honestly think I should start looking for a new dentist....

Wouldn't be shocked if filming for Melbourne Season 5 is delayed indefinitely. Now I think season 2 of Sydney should be filmed instead.

It's been too long without any new Australian seasons.
Good idea.


Keep Beaching
My cast suggestions for Season 2 of the Real Housewives of Sydney if there was one.

Bring back Lisa, Athena X, Victoria, Krissy and Matty.

Replace Nicole and Melissa with Lizzie Buttrose and Roxy Jacenko.