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The 2021 host


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I'm not expecting the host to change in 2021. Think this can just be a general thread to discuss opinions and suggestions for the hosting role.

Would you be happy if Sonia hosts next season?

Is it better for the show to have a new host that doesn't have any connection to Big Brother? Are you a nostalgic fan that would just rather Gretel host again? I think Gretel is great but I think I'd want it to be someone who hasn't done any Big Brother seasons before. Maybe someone unexpected might be interesting? Hoping there are interesting ideas here!
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Renee Bargh from the voice. I mean why does the voice need two hosts? Stop being so greedy channel nine.


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Sonia will still host and Mike Goldman won't even get the token involvement. To be fair Sonia suited this format more than the previous one. Gretel won't go anywhere near it unless she needs the cash.


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I think Mike Goldman could still have abit of involvement, Sonia narrates a little, they could make him do that.

I'm happy for sonia to stay as host. I feel like to get a better host we'd need a live format, otherwise it'd be wasted potential. She needs to ask more harsh questions though, such as 'why did you call x a backstabbing snake this week' or 'are you planning to get revenge on x'. Questions like 'how did it feel to get a phonecall from home this week' or 'how did it feel to win the challenge' are boring and can also be inferred.

I think the house tour she did pre-season was the best hosting i've ever seen her do, and we need to see more of that side of her.


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Like it or not Goldman is old school BB - Seven's version isn't.

Tribal is one of the worst parts of the show and always tricky to get the balance right between the inane and exposing peoples games. It should be pretty generic and short really - would be better to use her as they do in North America to actually conduct the vote.


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I like Sonia as a person but she lacks the gift of spontaneity. She also has that metallic, shrill voice that bores right through my eardrums, reminiscent of Emma Willis. Gretel was too much of a bitch for my taste. You don't have to be a bitch to embarrass others, intelligence and wit are quite sufficient.

...and why are the hosts always women? Isn't that sexist?


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Goldman to narrate the show, I want Sonia back, but more involvement. Of course this is all based around wanting the format changed back closer to the original.