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Fowl an Sic

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Didn't think it worth starting a new thread. Besides, his victory this year was as much about 2013. His AO quarter-final in 2013 against Djokovic laid the foundation. Best tennis match I've watched and announced to anyone who had eyes to see that Stan had arrived.


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Can a mod please change the title of the thread? Remove 2013, or something?
@Goon, @marquisite , @Tim - somebody???

Because - you know, no point in a new thread, we need an uplate chat spot to cheer on Nick the giant killer.
Wow - 37 aces!
The always awesome through the legs shot.

And his family is fun:)
From this point forward I'll anoint him as Nick the Matador who tamed the wily Spanish Bull.


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Fantastic mens final - another classic. And another one sided underwhelming dissapointment for the women - absolutely ridiculous they pocket the same prize money when you're getting 6-0 sets in a final. Really think they should begin trialing 5 set matches for the women as best of 3's tend to just be walkovers.

Highlight of the weekend though was probably the Mens Doubles Final - absolutely brilliant.


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I forgive the women's final for being such a dissapointment (not that it was a surprise) only because of the gorgeous Miss Bouchard graced us with her presence. Her beauty alone made up for half the cost of the ticket price. :biggrin: