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Survivor: Titans vs Rebels - Episode 7

…is Feras playing a character rather being himself?…

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…The Pags is so ripped nowadays that I bet that his fingernails and toenails and probably even his poohs have muscles!… cheers.
…thank god that’s finished!… bye Viola… thanks for the fun tonight everyone… I made it!… nite all… sleep tight… pleasant dreams… now time for me to crash… cheers.
Ok I was a little worried Caroline’s “I’ve delivered a lot of babies but tonight…” line was going to go down a rather dark path.

I was surprised there was no talk from either tribe about throwing the immunity challenge. The new majorities should have been thinking the other tribe winning would likely save one of their OG tribe mates from going home, even though it didn’t actually pan out that way.

So ten was promoting the episode as a blindside? Thankfully I missed that.
Let's weaken the white man by voting out the black woman. Reality TV really is a microcosm of life.

The only benefit of tribe swap was they couldn't set up the exit at the beginning. Seems they set up tomorrow's tribal at the end though.

Appreciating the new challenges this year but felt that should have been a fail and you return to the beginning challenge rather than just back to where it dropped.
…I was quite surprised with the Poll result… nearly everyone agreed that Feras is playing a character and not his true self… I’m glad that its not just me thinking that… (although somebody said the same thing a few nights back I recall… that’s what made me think of the Poll)… cheers.