Survivor: Heroes v Villains - Episode 4

What do you think of Gerry?…

  • 2:… I don’t like Gerry because his walking frame slows the team down…

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  • 4:… Gerry shouldn’t win because the token around his neck might be too heavy and make him fall…

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Have they got a fire going? would have been easy to cook over some flames.
Did they get it going again after the Villains put it out?

Anyway Rogue, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. You'll be written out of Australian Survivor history, just like the Channel 9 and Channel 7 seasons.


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Still shouldn't be permitted to set odds on a predetermined outcome. And they're not setting the odds solely on what they might know about the outcome but to maximise their profits.

I agree, I’d rather they just not exist. It becomes hard to avoid especially online. It takes the fun out of it.

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One of the worst things about Australian survivor is the target of winners early on. Think it happened one series in the US version but apart from that one series its generally not a reason to get rid of someone.
i’m just listening to the brink of reality podcast on spotify ( exit interviews) and Ryan Brink is interviewing Michael who still maintains he did the right thing trying to get George & Shonee out on the first vote and he would do it again. He is convinced he had the numbers. So he is a big party spoiler….. Thank goodness he didn’t get his way as the vibe would all become Michael vibe, could you imagine that, I would rather spend weeks sleeping on the river bed along the Ganges… THAT would be better than _that_

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