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Survivor: Heroes v Villains - Episode 11

IDOLS ??? Yay or Nay...

  • Yes - idols are necessary to stop voting blocks decimating others & make viewing boring.

    Votes: 8 72.7%
  • No - it should be the old original version of the game

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Yes - but the idol numbers should be limited to 1 in play per tribe

    Votes: 2 18.2%
  • Yes - idols should be as common as coconuts & scattered everywhere

    Votes: 3 27.3%
  • Yes - an individual idol should be given to each player at the commencement of the game & no more

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Yes -The George Idol... for players who attract more ratings to keep them in the game longer

    Votes: 2 18.2%

  • Total voters
Probably assumed producers give George two votes.

George is the biggest bully out there - how he treats Stevie is absolutely disgusting. It's no wonder Stevie wants to punch him.

Agree though with the earlier assessment that George picks one in two to be loyal to on day 1 and remains loyal to them - but he couldn't give a shit about anyone he subsequently pledges loyalty too other than them being a number for them.

Also don't get why the three heroes switched their vote to Gerry. They didn't think George had an idol so they might as well have tried their luck on George anyway. Would have been a disaster if they put three votes on Gerry but Stevie had come through with a vote for George.
Haha like the first line...

I do think that the edit was poor with last nights episode.
Obviously there was much more to the story and as per usual, we weren't privy to it.. We were left hanging on whether Stevie would vote George and he would be ousted - then everyone votes Gerry ??? Now I do know that Flick said she wanted to change the vote to Gerry just in case but like you said - what would have happened if Stevie voted George? I never thought he would as it was just edit rubbish to make us wonder, but it did leave the episode like a story book with several chapters full of blank pages...

George is just viscous the way he burns people, as you said, he has his core alliance from the beginning and then anyone else who comes groveling later is just canon fodder and he burns them spectacularly when he has no more use for them OR to drive home a revengeful point as he with Jordie to put Simon in his place. And still I find it odd that someone hasn't gone ballistic at him.. I mean, Jordie should have really told George what he thought of him after that burn..
I can see where you’re coming from, but I think calling George a bully is a bit harsh. Simon also is quite dismissive of Stevie, to the point where he thinks he can be manipulated by whoever flashes him The Triangle of Destiny.

Simon communicated to Stevie in a way that meant something to Stevie and was intended to protect him. George only ever talks to him in the context of playing George's game. Even if it's supposedly letting others make their own decision it's only when George allows that and agrees with that.

Just a typical political bully. I see straight through it with politicians and straight through it on Survivor.
Kristy managed to find her way, whilst being in the bottom of every successive tribe she was placed in, from being voted out. Her whole trajectory was about managing to find a way to survive being voted out at almost every tribal. Shane Gould had a prominent place in the edit from the very first episode of her series. Maybe some discounted her on account of her age. I didn't think Jericho had a winner's edit, but he was present and featured as participating throughout - but Nina, whatever her actual gameplay, has had a dull purple background edit until suddenly getting large confessionals this ep. It may be she finally does something about the meat tray's dominance, but it is not a winner's edit in my view.
Fair call, I don’t remember it that way personally. Is what it is I guess. I still feel that Nina could potentially be a winner and from her current game, she is in a really good position, probably better than most.
George isn’t a bully. That’s ridiculous. This is a game. Simon started the attacks on George first, this also doesn’t make Simon a bully.
George is outplaying Simon … and most others.
Stevie’s strat leaves a lot to be desired. He’s unreliable and barely knows how the structure of the game works, the only way to deal with someone like that it to very clearly direct them
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Simon wanted George out for his history in the game. At "that" tribal council George just humiliated Simon for the sake of humiliating him. There was nothing game about it.

I do remember though everything is in the context of the game, so whenever I make a comment I am referring to their characteristics in the game and in the edit and any reference to George's attributes as a politician are based on what he has said himself about how those skills transfer across to Survivor.

When it comes to being ruthless there is a very fine line between being a bully and making inspired moves - and for me George is too often on the wrong side of that line as more often than not it's the fairly innocent bystanders who are the victims of his moves, not the big players that need taking out. Politicians are the same - they tend to target the weaker and vulnerable members of society rather than dealing with the big issues caused by the powerful and rich/
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I hear your justification. I just can’t get on board. This is not even to do with my pro-George stance.

I think the word bullying should be used carefully. Using it in this instance cheapens the severity of the practise of bullying and is an unfair shot at George who was done nothing wrong within the context of the game that prides itself on being a game of outwitting others, in a season literally called heroes vs villains.
FWIW I didn't think George should have been on the villains tribe initially, but that is all a branding exercise.

As much as it is all in the context of the game their real world roles are a factor. Sports guys play hard, will do what it takes to win and trash the opposition- then once the game is over shake hands, move on and have the upmost respect for each other.

Politicians on the other hand never turn off and only ever look out for number one and their word means nothing.

P.S. Let's face it - the fact I hate him this much and talk about him this much means George is great casting. The show needs a few show ponies, but it also needs them to be put down so the quieter but no less calculating and strategic players can come to the forefront.

Arguably playing a great game is your name never being bought up at tribal in these early stages - but 24 of those doesn't make a great show.

If you're public enemy number one each week and having to rely on idols and manipulation all the time it's unlikely to be as effective. I don't think idol play, especially for yourself, is that respected by the jury either.

Strategic play is but George is nowhere near the strategist he thinks he is - but politics nowadays is all about shouting the loudest at how brilliant you are even if your record says otherwise - and George fits that mould. He's Australian Survivors' very own Trump.