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Survivor 2024

2024 Casting - what would you prefer?

  • All newbies

    Votes: 10 100.0%
  • Newbie / Veterans mixed tribes

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Newbies vs Veterans

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • All Stars

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So what does everyone want for 2024?

For me all newbies is a must, ideally a new theme (City vs Country could be interesting), the necessary evil of non-elimination episodes sorted much earlier - ideally pre-merge. And a final 2 rather than final 3.
Ideally newbies. And I think that's what we're in for. Personally I would prefer no theme, just have two tribes of everyday Aussies, but obviously that's not very marketable and its likely going to be up against MAFS. IF we could have three tribes return I'd love a battle of the generations theme. I'd love to see some Gen Z representation just to have older people thrive making fun of them, I think it would be humours, maybe Gen X vs Millennials vs Gen Z. But I also like the idea of country vs city, a lot of room there for personal content and narratives revolving around debunking stereotypes.

The non elimination episodes will probably remain as they were this time, there's only so many twists they can do. We've had a mutiny twice before, we've had kidnaps happen 3 times now and 7 out of 8 seasons have had a simple vote to send someone to the other tribe. What more is there to milk that doesn't break the game? The urns twist was okay because it was at least know and wasn't game breaking. I think redemption island is the perfect medium to go to. Have a returnee at the merge and one at the finale. It's simply just the easiest way to make them fair if they're going to be there. Ideally I'd just have the merge episode and maybe the swap just be non tribal one hour episodes like Ep8 in 2016, I don't see why they haven't done that again, given there's three episodes a week there would not be a massive meltdown over one episode not having anyone eliminated. We all complain about the non elimination episodes regardless.

A final 2 is what I prefer as well. It takes out a non elimination episode which is the biggest positive, and I just feel like moving forward we're going to have final threes consisting of goats dragged to the end. Which doesn't make for exciting viewing, as both winners from the final three format so far have resulted in a unanimous vote.

What I really want though is better editing. The narrative side of the edit this season was great, I felt like I did understand what was going on quite easily, it was rare that I was left confused. But there is no reason why a contestant ends the season with a digit number of confessionals, or why someone gets no confessionals in their boot episode. If there's an alliance of five people, show me something from all of them at least once in the week. Just at least once.

I'd like more puzzle based challenges or even trivia. There is too much emphasis on physical based challenges which just promotes group think within votes.

What I will say is though, is I did love the minimum use of advantages. Only one advantage pretty much. And I did also like how no more idols were in play in the end, but it would have made for interesting change to see Nina or Simon play an idol and have more confidence to vote out George.

I think alot of the issues for this season that arose were mostly there because they needed to have a series that would grab viewers' attention. And that was the use of returning players, and to have them last long there obviously had to be some measures taken to ensure their ratings winners were there for as long as possible. The show needs to know how to stand on its own too feet. It can. It has before.
Less idols for sure though, and harder work to get them, though after Simon Gate producers will probably be planting more fake idols.

I think the variety of the Immunity challenges in the individual phase is much better than in the tribe phase where they're basically all obstacle course with a puzzle at the end.
I would like to see a full cast of newbies - if they want to do veterans then make a 2nd series in the season.

I like idols, as I hate it when you get a majority group that just sticks together and you cant find any cracks, then they just eliminate the minority each tribal (like this season with the George following) but, as we saw, you can have plenty of idols & direct help from others and they still fuck it up :cool:
How about an "On the Bench" twist for the non-elimination episode. Before they vote the tribe is told they are voting to bench a player who will leave the game until the next tribal and then replace the person voted out then. The complication of course is not knowing which tribe will face the next tribal.
There's rumours around possible returnees and potentially some international players, which is a bit disappointing if true because the EP seemed super keen on an all newbie season in his interview with Ricard and I wonder if Channel 10 forced their hand a bit on that. We will see I guess.
Sadly probably inevitable. They don't seem to realise the more they use All Stars the less new stars breakthrough to be potential future All Stars. I struggle to remember any of the new players from last season because they were basically edited out.

Ideally all newbies next season - if they do that following it up with another All Star season or Fans v Favourites would be more palatable.
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