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Sons of Anarchy: SAMCRO are back tomorrow


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Foxtel is showing the first episode tomorrow at 3:10 pm, just 10 minutes after the US. How goods that!!!


Great series. Been watching from the start. I have some knowledge of the culture and much of it is closer to fact than fiction.

Some of it, like the (owning a porn studio) Is total bullshit but it is good tv.

The opener of series 5 was good. Katey Segal is awesome. However one thing bugs me. Clay should (by all outlaw rules) have been killed. You cannot kill a brother.

Poetic license I guess.

as an aside (for anyone who is into it) Ebay have stopped selling tshirts with a cali bottom rocker. Pinheads have been buying colors/cuts online and turning up to events. bad move.