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Skye: Drunk Tonight?


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David did say she is gone after 2 glasses of champagne, she had it flowing tonight watching the show.


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They knew she wasn't the winner though but no, I don't think they'd let their duty of care lapse like that and open themselves up for all sorts of potential trouble. The after party however could be a different story.


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She was driving me crazy making those hearts because...... hated BBUS15 over the top asshole Frankie J Grande did exactly the same thing. Skye was entertaining during the season and I wanted her to win but...lets face it, she is going to have serious issues sooner rather than later with her weight and appearance. She already looks like she is a decade older than she is so she better make hay while the sun shines because cloudy skies are fast approaching the horizon.

Flitting around from guy to guy is not going to be an option very soon unless she takes control of her eating and lifestyle habits, something I sincerely hope she does because she seems to be a really fun girl.