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Seriously; who 'watches' free to air TV anymore?


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Our nightly ritual usually involves a meal with some easy to digest TV on in the background. Eating during the ad breaks and half watching the actual show like MKR. Once dinner is over and we retire to the couch, I myself may have a laptop, a tablet and a smartphone all within easy reach. When ads come on I use any of those 3 devices to continue what ever I'm doing. Game playing, email, instagram, 'snarky' tweets, or what ever. If I actually want real engaging entertainment I might spend a few minutes scrolling on Netflix, then settle in for a good movie or series. While watching Netflix, my devices mostly lay idle.

Does anyone else do this or am I a freak?


I usually do both - watch FTA and surf. It depends on the show (i.e level of addictiveness or interest) in regard to where the lion's share of my attention is directed. I find MAFS good for online catchup (still copping ads) when Survivor is on.


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The aerial got knocked out of the wall by the couch a year or two back and we both went 'meh' and now just watch netflix, dvds, you tube or downloads. The occasional tv program that has piqued my interest through conversation on here I have watched an episode or two on the channels website after. In all likelihood that is what I will do with BB if I watch any of it.


I loathe sport on TV...
But I usually have my iPad or laptop nearby and surf as well (doing it now actually...)

The iPad is a substitute for the book I’d have been reading while watching tv in the dark ages before the interwebs.
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I like anything that's free. But I haven't had a TV for years, I'd rather download or stream. I rarely watch things live either.


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Unless the show really interests me, I will probably be just scrolling through instagram or something on my phone for 90% of the time I "watch" TV.

And then devastation when my phone battery runs out and I have to actually watch the show until my battery is charged


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If I was still in Australia I'd probably watch more than I do now. I loved my PVR and would only watch a few shows live, and everything else on timeshift so I could skip the ads. I know you can do that using the catch up apps now but it was easier to play back my recordings than navigate their nonsense.

As for now my live viewing is limited to ABC/ABC News channels and Aust Survivor, Gogglebox and (as of this week) BBAU. Can't remember the last time I regularly watched a Channel 7 show! Was probably MKR/HR over four years ago.

Really miss my PVR. If I could have married it I would have.


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No jokes the last time i watched a show live would've been BB 2013, ever since then i've been recording and watching later to skip ads.


*Hands up* I do.
I'm old fashioned and prefer to watch things on a tv rather than a phone or other devices.
If there are two shows I want, I'll watch, say, The Voice while having dinner and record Masterchef for afterwards.
I usually don't post until afterwards, unless it's an ad break I can't fast forward.

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...wow!... this Coronavirus lockdown has unleashed a new passion in both my sweet darling wife and myself… it’s… it’s… binge watching TV!... being sick and tired of free-to-air TV offerings lately our viewing habits have now changed completely… we used to have Foxtel as well as commercial TV but because Foxtel became too expensive per month and that they were showing the same old shit over and over all of the time we got rid of it… (I was basically only watching the ‘History’ channel in the end anyway)... for roughly the same amount of money that we were paying for Foxtel per month we are now getting Netflix / Stan and Prime…

...we’ve had those three for a few months now and have mostly only used them for their movie offerings… but when this lockdown started we got bored with them after a while so one day we looked at the lists of entire seasons of shows… this was when the binge watching of entire series began… what a buzz it is watching an entire series in one hit without commercials or having to wait an entire week for the next episode lol!...

...we barely watch commercial TV now except for things like ‘Bondi Rescue’ / ‘8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown’ / ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ / ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ etc to name a few… I’ve slowly weaned myself off ‘Reality’ shows (especially shows like ‘Bachelor / Bachelorette’ etc that has absolutely no ‘LOVE’ elements within it whatsoever)... I’m still going to watch ‘Australian Survivor’ and the upcoming ‘Big Brother’ just as long as there are the general public in them and no ‘past champions or celebrities or contestants’ that we’ve seen before… I’m sick of them… we need people that have never been on these shows before… so until then… ‘Reality’ shows are out with me…

...‘MasterChef’ is now one of those shows that has grown to be a total bore for me mainly because they started their ‘new and updated show with all new judges’ but failed with me because they brought back ‘past contestants’... there are not many ‘Reality’ shows that have new people in them nowadays are there?...

...hence the newly adopted ‘binge watching of entire series’ that is now being done by us… our viewing habits are so different now… I can’t believe that we’ve only just discovered this new founded passion just recently… lockdown does have it’s benefits afterall… thankyou lockdown… you have broken a viewing habit of a lifetime… you have freed us from our TV shackles!... lol!... cheers.

...aw man!... as I said a while back in the post above in the Coronavirus Virus thread… my new passion of binge watching entire series that are not interrupted by annoying Ads on commercial TV on Netflix / Stan and Prime has taken over my life!... lol!... I’ve been completely taken over with this newly acquired binge-a-thonning…

...I can’t believe that I’ve watched mostly commercial TV over the last few years and have only just dabbled in the streamed networks that have been at my disposal…even then… I avoided TV series and only watched movies on those streaming channels… it’s only because there’s so much shit on commercial TV as of late that I’ve turned off it recently except for those TV shows that I mentioned in my post above…

...I’ve been overdosing on binge watching entire series and seasons such as:

On Netflix;... “Money Heist / Locke and Key / The Witcher / Lost in Space / Star Trek Discovery / Tiger King (which cannot be un-seen unfortunately lol!) / The Last Kingdom / Star Trek the 1960’s original series (up to season 4 so far and still going lol!)”...

On Stan;... “Red Dwarf ( up to season 8 so far and still going) / SS-GB / Catching Milat / all Blackadder seasons / all of the James Bond movies (Pierce Brosnan is still my favourite) / Ripper Street (still a work in progress) / The Young One’s”...

On Prime;... Star Trek Picard / The Man In The High Castle / Carnival Row / Good Omens…

...I’ve probably missed a few… but now I’m back!... what dragged me back?... the new series of “Big Brother”!... (even though Sonya’s hosting it lol!)... I can’t wait for it to start!... so count me in to restart posting for tonight… let’s hope that it’s better than Channel 9’s effort eh?... lol!... cheers.


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How is everyone doing since lock-down has been eased?
All the idiots protesting (although it's a good cause) Surely there was another way of doing it. We won't know for a couple of weeks now if the numbers will rise again.